Election in Sweden 2014 – seven political parties in one minute elevator pitch in Växjö

Election in Sweden 2014 Växjö
Swedish political parties in Växjö – Swedish elections 2014

On 14 September 2014 a new government of Sweden will be elected – the Swedish Riksdag as well as county councils and municipal assemblies.

Each year of a general election, the major Swedish parties set up little wooden houses along the central street of Växjö to advertise their party program and convince pedestrians to give them their vote. This year, 2014, seven parties (listed below) are present in Växjö.

Since it is the first time for me to vote for the Swedish Riksdag (the national legislature and the supreme decision-making body), I decided to go to each party and ask them to say or tell me whatever they want – in one minute only. Since I believe that this information might be interesting not only for me but also for others who are first-time voters in Sweden, I thought this might be a good opportunity to give a quick overview over the political landscape of Sweden in this less than eight minutes video clip. Have a look!

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The seven political parties mentioned in the clip

Order of parties according to amount of votes received in election for the Swedish Riksdag in 2010

Which party to vote for?

Not decided yet which party to vote for? These questionnaires (valkompass) might give you some help to find the party that is closest to your political ideas and values.

SVT (Swedish national public television) Valkompass

Aftonbladet (Newspaper) Valkompass

Dagens Nyheter (Newspaper) Valkompass

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