Sweden Travel Tips: Good to Know Before Travelling to Sweden

Good to know when travelling to Sweden

Are you planning a trip to Sweden? Here is a list of useful things to know, culture tips and general Sweden travel tips.

Useful Sweden knowledge for your Sweden trip

Keep a little more physical distance

For example when you wait in line at the supermarket, Swedes have a wider “personal space”.

Tone down your body language a notch

People in Sweden express themselves a little more subtle compared to people in other countries. Same with the volume of their voice. No need to whisper, but you will notice Swedes speak a little less loud.

Feel free to speak English

You can’t speak Swedish? Almost all Swedes speak English. So no worries, you can have a conversation with almost any Swede you meet. Still want to impress Swedes with some Swedish? Here are basic Swedish words and phrases for your Sweden trip.

No alcohol in Supermarkets (almost)

To buy alcohol you want to drink in your Swedish cabin or hotel, like wine, spirits and beer with high percentage alcohol (over 3.5%) you have to go to the state-owned alcohol shop Systembolaget. Also, you have to be 20 years old to buy alcohol at Systembolaget. In bars and restaurants on the other hand: 18.

Spanking children is considered a crime

Sweden is a child-friendly country. Already in 1979 Sweden became the first country to ban corporal punishment of children. “Beating or spanking a child is also a criminal offence according to the Swedish Penal Code”.

Be aware of the moose

… as well as other dangerous animals in Sweden. The likeliness that you meet a strolling wolf or bear in the forests of south Sweden is low. It can happen in the north though. Something you should be cautious with when going by car in any kind of rural area in Sweden, there are moose that can suddenly cross the road right in front of you. Accidents with moose are common in Sweden, so be a little extra cautious whenever you see the “moose warning” signs on the side of the road.

When to travel to Sweden

Best months to travel to Sweden: May to early September and December (Christmas fairs and shopping). The big cities and the south of Sweden are great in summer but in the winter months – apart from a shopping weekend in Stockholm or Gothenburg – I’d recommend a stay in a house or room in the north, maybe in Swedish skiing resorts like Åre, Sälen or Vemdalen, or maybe even a room in the popular ice hotel. More tips for your trip to Sweden … here.

Emergency phone number in Sweden: 112

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