Typically Swedish #11 – Lösgodis on Saturdays

Particularly on Saturdays, you often go to a supermarket (or Pressbyrån kiosk) to pick your favorite candies with a little plastic spade and a godis-påse (candy-bag) from a huge candy-wall. 

Lösgodis - Candy in Sweden
Lösgodis – Candy in Sweden

If you did the same thing on a normal weekday, you would probably feel guilty. In Sweden the term “lördagsgodis” (Saturday-candy) is widely spread – it seems like they allow themselves to sin only preferably on that day of the week.

And because it is Saturday, and people are in a cozy mood the otherwise very stylish Swedes often go to the supermarket wearing loose, grey jogging trousers. Classy! ;)

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