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Do you want to reach out to an audience with an interest in Sweden and Sweden-related products and services? is one of the most popular online source for information about Sweden – Swedish culture and travel.

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About me and Hej Sweden

My name is Matthias. I studied Business and Marketing in Växjö, Småland, as an exchange student from Germany. A year after that, in 2008, I moved to Sweden completely. Since 2011 I run the website through which I share my Swedish experiences and love to the country. In early 2017 I published the book How to be Swedish: A Quick Guide to Swedishness – In 55 Steps.

What I want to do with Hej Sweden: I want to use Hej Sweden (and its social media channels) as a platform to explain Sweden and the Swedes, and share my love to Sweden in a way that puts a smile on people’s faces.

Target groups/visitors

These groups regularly visit Hej Sweden:

  • Sweden tourists, who plan a trip to Sweden or are currently travelling through Sweden, seeking travel advice. (Ways to travel to Sweden, accommodations, sightseeing, culture etc.)
  • Sweden lovers: people who have some affiliation with Sweden – family, work or interest in media related to Sweden – and want to connect or find out more about the country, its stories, culture and traditions.
  • Emigrants: People who want to move to Sweden, looking for housing, jobs and advice how to interact with Swedes and reduce potential frictions when settling in Sweden.
  • People who just had a question about a Sweden-related topic, who then asked Google, and the search engine said “mmmhh, I guess Hej Sweden has a good answer to your question which the most popular names in Sweden are”.

Basic numbers

February 2021

  • On average over 120.000 unique visitors per month (organic),
  • 50% English-speaking, 50% German
  • Age: mostly between the age of 25 – 44.

Contact me

Requests for more specific information about Hej Sweden or ideas for cooperations, please contact me:

cooperation (at)