Sweden Quiz – 10 Questions to Test Your Sweden Knowledge

Sweden Quiz
Sweden Quiz

Find out how well you know Sweden by answering these 10 questions.

If you answer 8 or more questions right, you can officially call yourself “Hej Sweden’s Sweden Quiz Champion”. :)

Find the correct answers further below in the bottom of this page.

Schweden Quiz

1. Which is the local currency in Sweden?
A. Euro (EUR)
B. Scandinavian Pound (SCP)
C. Swedish Crowns (SEK)
D. Swish (SWI)

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2. Who is skogens konung (king of the woods)?
A. Troll
B. Moose
C. Ernst Kirchsteiger
D. Cat

3. What is the name of the King of Sweden?
A. Carl IXV Gustaf
B. Carl VIX Gustaf
C. Carl XVI Gustaf
D. Calle

4. What do Swedes do when they meet for a fika?
A. Getting drunk
B. Handicrafts
C. Touch each other in a sensual way
D. Having a coffee and maybe some pastry

5. What is Emil of Lönneberga called in Sweden?
A. Emil gillar Lönneberga
B. Emil på Lönneberga
C. Emil i Lönneberga
D. Emil från Lönneberga

6. How is the number six written in Swedish?
A. Säx
B. Sex
C. Säxy
D. Sexy

7. Alfred Nobel is known for this invention…
A. Dynamite
B. Matches
C. Ball bearing
D. Hexagonal wrench

8. What is Kebnekaise?
A. Troll
B. Swedish national dish
C. Sweden’s highest mountain
D. A popular pizza in Sweden

9. What is the title of the Swedish national anthem?
A. Du unga, du vackra
B. Du fula, du fulla
C. Du ramlar, du fisar
D. Du gamla, du fria

10. Which one is a popular ABBA hit song?
A. The winter takes it all
B. The winner bakes it all
C. Volvo-Vouz
D. Waterloo

And?! How did it go? How many questions do you think you answered correctly?

Just so you don’t see the correct answers right away, here a photo of a midsummer celebration in Växjö and a drawing with Swedish cinnamon buns:

Swedish midsummer celebration, Swedes dancing to "små grodorna"
Typical Swedish midsummer celebration
Swedish kamelbullar
Swedish kamelbullar (camel buns)

The answers

  1. C Swedish currency: Swedish Crown (SEK)
  2. B Skogens konung: moose
  3. C King of Sweden: Carl XVI Gustav
  4. D Fika: Having a coffee and maybe some pastry
  5. C Emil i Lönneberga
  6. B Six in Swedish: sex
  7. A Alfred Nobel’s invention: dynamite
  8. C Kebnekaise is Sweden’s highest mountain
  9. D Swedish national anthem: Du gamla, du fria
  10. D ABBA Hit: Waterloo

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