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About Hej Sweden

Hej Sweden is a guide to Sweden and the Swedes. For all who are interested in the Swedish country and lifestyle. It deals with questions like: What is typically Swedish? What is it that makes living in Sweden such a pleasant experience? And what can be annoying?

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About me

My name is Matthias. For the last couple of years I have been living in Sweden. Currently in Växjö, Småland. Previously in Umeå, Stockholm and Uppsala.

I came to Sweden as an exchange student from Germany. After two years of studies at the university in Växjö I graduated with a master's degree (M.Sc.) in Business Administration/International Marketing. Nowadays I'm working with entrepreneurship and online marketing.

In early 2017, I published the book “How to be Swedish – A Quick Guide to Swedishness – In 55 Steps” (here on Amazon), in which I summarize my Swedish experiences and countless culture crashes.

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