Best of Växjö: Travel Tips & Recommendations – One Day in Växjö

Are you going to travel to Växjö for just one day, or weekend? Here are my top recommendations for a great time in Växjö, if you want to …

  • go for a walk or run,
  • eat delicious food,
  • sightseeing,
  • go on a date,
  • have a drink with a friend or
  • party.

Top 5 reasons why I love Växjö

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To do in Växjö – in one day

For my top 5 Växjö tips in diverse categories: hotels, restaurants, bar, sightseeing etc. check out this Växjö Travel Guide.

These are my recommendations, if you only stay one day (or weekend) in Växjö.


Start with the most iconic building of Växjö – the domkyrka, Växjö cathedral. First, enjoy the view from the outside, then inside.
Time: 15-30 minutes
Cost: 0 SEK

Stroll or run around lake Växjösjön

Discover the beauty of the park around lake Växjösjön. And watch some spectecular art along the path, like a discoball or a peeing woman, called Elin.
Time: ca. 45 min for a walk

Smålands Museum/Glass Museum/House of Emigrants

Depending on your interest or walking speed, choose one or more of these museums to get some food for the brain and discover essential details of the history of Småland. Opening hours and entrance fees.
Time: 1-2 hours
Cost: entrance fee around 100 SEK adults, free for children (up to 19 years)


Time for lunch in the city. For a great avocado pizza, go to Bella Lanterna. A bit more classy italian food can be ordered at Massimo. Fancy a restaurant awarded with a Michelin star? Go to PM & Friends. Something quick? Asian? Check out Spice & Rice or Koh Thai.

After lunch, let’s do some shopping in the city center of Växjö. The shopping street runs from the market square Stortorget in the east to the square Oxtorget in the west.

Unique stores in Växjö:

Shopping bags filled? Maybe it’s time for a …

Fika – Swedish coffee break

Having a fika is a big part about Swedish culture. Find out more about its meaning and why it’s so popular, here.

Go to the idyllic Askelyckan or old style Broqvist konditori for a traditional Swedish fika. Choose a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun), dammsugare (green marcipan roll) or a chocolate ball. And don’t forget to draw a number from the ticket dispenser before you order at the counter.


If you have access to a car:

Drive to the ruins of the Kronobergs castleKronobergs slottsruin“.

Right after that cross the little bridge and park your car in the norther tip of the island Hissö. Go for a walk and enjoy taking selfies while standing on top of rocks at the shoreline.

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After having taken pictures of the beautiful lake, let’s take a route to the next fika place, Toftastrand Hotell & Konditori. On your way there, your GPS will tell you to drive along Evedalsvägen.

Have a look at the typical Swedish houses and idyllic homes along Evedalsvägen between Hissö and Evedal vandrarhem (hostel).

Enjoy the view!

Then, continue to Toftastrand Hotell & Kontitori, where you can relax and enjoy pastries and small snacks in a cozy ambient, with a view over the lake.

Now, back to the hotel to get prepared for the evening…

Top hotels in Växjö



For a high quality (high price) dinner, book a table at PM & Friends

You find excellent asian food at Izakaya Moshi, where it’s probably a good idea to check for a table in advance, too.

Something more Italian? Try Massimo.


Thirsty for a beer, tea or cocktail? First stop: Kafé Deluxe. You find a relaxed atmosphere in this unique pub/night club. If you stay until later in the evening, you even have access to the dancefloor in the basement without paying an entrance fee which is required if you access after 22.00, usually.

Up for a beer, a special one? Beer connoisseurs can choose from a wide selection of tapped and bottled beer from all ove the world.

Finish your day in Växjö with a cocktail or good night drink in the classy roof bar of PM Tak and enjoy view over the city that you have discovered during the day.

Did you like Växjö?

What do you think about these places and experiences in Växjö? Would you add or change any? Please comment below or send me a mail to hej(at)

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