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Map with all locations in the bottom of this page.

Quick Guide to Växjö

This guide is for Växjö travellers who are looking for the best sights and experiences in and around the town, located in the middle of Småland in Sweden. Check out these lists and tips to make the best of your trip to Växjö!

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All cafés offer classic Swedish pastry such as cinnamon buns and chocolate balls and are family friendly, equipped with baby’s high chairs.

  • Askelyckan: City center. Probably the nicest building in town. Typically Swedish yellow wood. Simple interior. Open-air café is probably the best place to enjoy a fika outside during summer. Find Askellyckan’s location, map in the bottom of this page.
  • Bönan & Mustaschen: Tiny but cozy café with a unique interior. Probably the best cappuccino in town.
  • Condeco: Ecological coffee, tee and a variety of snacks. Livingroom atmosphere.
  • Broqvist kontitori: Old fashioned café. The only place where you get your order served at your table (after ordering at the desk at the entry. Functional interior. Quiet. Seniors’ favorite.
  • Toftastrand Hotell & Konditori: A bit outside Växjö. Beautiful, idyllic café. Lovely view over lake Toftajön. Cozy interior. Also hotel.
  • Café Fontain: Enjoy the view over lake Växjösjön (“Växjö lake”).
  • Café Evedal: Open during summer. Idyllic café close to the Evedal camping and Evedal beach at lake Helgasjön,

Fika – the Swedish way of having a coffee break


  • PM & Friends: Michelin star and many more prices won. Probably the best place to go to, if you want high class food and beverages. Someliers among the best in Sweden.
  • Umamy Monkey: Excellent burgers and fries.
  • Izakay Moshi: Exquisite Asian food, presented in a fancy way. Modern location.
  • Massimo: Cozy place with Italian food and excellent pizza.
  • Piazza Teatro: Stylish building with glass fronts and modern interior. International cuisine with a Scandinavian touch.
  • Venezia: Simple but tasty Italian restaurant.
  • Skai: Roof top restaurant with a stunning view

Swedish culture and traditions

Bars & Nightclubs

  • Kafé de luxe: Bar and night club. Alternative. The “coolest” place in town. Hipsters’ home. Whoever you are, covered face with tattoos or wearing a business suit. Everyone is welcome and feels this way. Classic Swedish building with quirky interior.
  • PM Bar: “Roof top bar, indoor and outdoor, with a great view over the city center. Part of the PM & friends family with high standards. Posh and stylish location. Although expensive, worth checking out and having a wine or cocktail there.
  • Chapter House: Go here if you love beer.
  • Grace night club: the place to party in Växjö. Young audience, ca. 18-25 years old on Fridays, Saturdays around 23-35.
  • Bishops Arms: Classic pub with dark woods and a variety of beverages.

How to party like a Swede

Hotels & Hostels

PM Vanner Pool - Best Hotel in Vaxjo
Hotels in Växjö – PM & Friends Hotel
  • PM & Friends Hotel: Best in town, again. Enjoy the high quality interior design and materials. And have swim in the illuminated outdoor pool on the roof and zip on a glass of champagne.
  • Elite Stadshotellet: Have breakfast in the stylish “glass house”. Same building as the pub Bishops Arms and Grace night club, just case you intend to have a couple of drinks and want the shortest possible way back to your bed.
  • Clarion Collection Hotel Cardinal: Solid choice. Laid back. Quality.
  • Evedal vandrarhem: Hostel in a beautiful location right at a lake and a few meters to its beach.
  • Teleborg Castle: If you ever dreamt of sleeping in a castle and feel like a princess or prince… come here. Classy. The fact that the toilets are not in the room but in the hallway though might put some people off. But, according to friends who tried it, it’s actually not problematic att all. And the facilities have high standards. You won’t feel embarrassed walking there in your bath robe in the morning.

Best hotels in Växjö


Grand Samarkand: Shopping mall just outside town. With all the standard Swedish store chains, H&M, Kappahl, Lagerhaus, JC, MQ, Akademibokhandeln, Skopunkten etc.

Swedish fashion – “Dress like a Swede!”

Sightseeing in Växjö

  • Domkyrka: Växjö cathedral. The Eiffel Tower of Växjö.
  • Kronoberg Castle Ruins: Old castle on a little island in lake Helgasjön.
  • Teleborg Slott: Castle on Växjö Campus.
  • Smålands Museum, House of Emigrants (Utvandrarnas hus) and Glas museum, all in one area.
  • Beautiful nature: I know, sounds a bit weird, but to understand or grasp the charm of Växjö, I’d strongly recommend to visit at least one of the beautiful places in nature, Växjö has to offer.

Beautiful places & views

View the map below, choose the layer “Most Beautiful Places & Views in Växjö

  • Lake Växjösjön
  • Staglaberget: Top of a little hill close to the city and Växjösjön.
  • Bokhultet bridge 
  • Peninsula at lake Trummen bridge
  • Hästängen, horse field: great overview over Växjö Campus

Swedish right of public access: allemansrätt

Växjö Guide Map

Link to “Växjö Guide”-map on Google Maps

Enjoy your stay in Växjö! :)

What else would you add to one of those lists? Have I forgotten a place or establishment that should be mentioned on this page? Please contact me!

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Växjö cathedral poster

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