15 Great (& 3 Stupid) Swedish Gift Ideas for Sweden Lovers

Gift Guide for Sweden Lovers - Gift ideas

Swedish gifts for birthdays, Christmas or other any occasion

Do you know someone who went to Sweden a couple of times and has totally fallen in love with the country? Is that person going to celebrate his or her birthday soon? Or maybe there is some other celebration coming up, like Christmas or a housewarming party?

You maybe ask yourself, what can I buy to make a Sweden fan happy?

Below you will find a few suggestions and ideas what you could give to a Sweden fan as a gift… and in the bottom of this page, you find three awkward presents you should never – under no circumstances – give to a Sweden lover.

And in the bottom of this page , 3 things you should definitely not buy for a Sweden fan. (Klick here)

Great present ideas for all who love Sweden

In this gift idea list I am going to show you a wide range of diverse typical Swedish products. Some can be found in a typical Swedish gift shop and some are a bit more extraordinary. Let’s start with one of the most popular symbols of Sweden…

Dala horse (Dalahäst)

Swedish Dala horse – Credits: Cecilia Larsson Lantz/Imagebank.sweden.se

It’s the number one classic Swedish souvenir: the Dala horse, also called Dalecarlian horse or Dalahäst in Swedish. Originally it comes from the region of Dalarna. (Which is why it’s called Dala Horse.) Even if it’s almost a little bit too tacky, it’s still a nice decorative object. And many Swedes actually do have one in their homes, decorating their window sills or shelves. When your friends spot it in your shelve they will probably ask, “Ahh, you’ve been travelling to Sweden? How was it?”

Original Dala horse from Sweden, here on Amazon

Learn more about the red horse from Sweden, here.

Birdhouse in Swedish red cottage style

Swedish bird house red cottage style

This birdhouse in typical Swedish cottage colours is not only a charming decorative feature for any garden or balcony garden, I have placed one on a shelve indoors (without any birds making it their habitat ;) ).

Buy a Swedish birdhouse, here (manufacturer’s online store)

Books about Sweden

For the bookworm

How to be Swedish - by Matthias Kamann
How to be Swedish – by Matthias Kamann

There are the books about Sweden (here the list with my favourite books about Sweden) – travel guides and image bands. And then there are books that play in Sweden, such as novels or thrillers.

If your Sweden fan friend is a bookworm and does not yet have the latest book by well-known Swedish writers in his or her book shelve or on the bedside table, you can find an overview over the most popular Sweden crime novels (new books and bestsellers) here.

Shameless plug: my book about Swedish culture:
How to be Swedish – A Quick Guide to Swedishness – in 55 Steps, now on Amazon

Sweden puzzle

For the calm and patient Sweden lover

This is the image of the fishing huts on the island of Smögen at the west coast of Sweden. (Go there if you haven’t been there yet! It’s a stunningly idyllic island. My Sweden travel guide, here.)
I have actually met Sweden fans who put a finished puzzle on the wall.

Sweden jigsaw puzzle, on Amazon, here

Swedish decorative flag

Schweden Fahne für den Tisch

Sweden Flag, brass

If you haven’t seen one of those hight quality Sweden flags on the gifted’s desk or on their window sills yet, a Swedish flag is probably an appreciated gift idea. Swedes put them on the dining table or breakfast tray when it’s someone’s birthday. I have one Sweden flag placed on my dining table the whole year around and one close to my desk in my office.

 Swedish Table-Flag, metal, here

Typical Swedish alcohol

For thirsty party animals

Absolut Vodka: Many people didn’t know that Absolut Vodka comes from Sweden, more precisely from Åhus in the region of Skåne/Scania. If you look closely at the label of some Absolut bottles you’ll see written in italic letters “Country of Sweden“.

Absolut Vodka small bottles, buy here on Amazon

Viking chess (Kubb)

Gift ideas - Geschenkideen Kubb
Kubb – Viking chess

Swedish kubb (Viking chess) is great fun to play during a barbecue or when you spend time with your family and friends outdoors, in the garden or park. It’s easy to learn and can be played by all who are able to throw a stick.

Kubb on Amazon, here

Wool blankets and covers with Sweden motives

For the cuddly Sweden fan


These blankets from Klippan YllefabrikKlippans wool factory (Klippan is the name of a city in the south of Sweden.) These blankets are very popular among both young modern Swedes decorating their new homes as well mature Sweden lovers.

Buy this blanket and other Swedish decoration and interior design, here

Minimalist Sweden poster

Schweden Poster

I was looking for minimalist Sweden posters, but didn’t find any that I really liked. So I designed some myself. They now hang in my office and and the living rooms of many other Sweden fans. Great gift idea for Sweden lovers who have decorated their home in minimalist style.

Minimalist Sweden posters, here, in my online store

Swedish language course

For the talkative Sweden lover

Speaking Swedish
Speak Swedish – (Photocredit: Helena Wahlman/imagebank.sweden.se)

Hej, hur mår du? – Hello, how are you?

If the Sweden fan will go to this country any time soon, for travels, studies or work, a course to learn some basic Swedish might come handy, so they can impress any Swede at the hotel’s reception desk, in the office or at the bar.

There are plenty of apps or online services like Duolingo, Babbel or Mondly, where you can pay a certain membership period.
Alternatively, there are plenty of teachers online available (search on Instagram or Facebook for “Swedish language teacher”) where you could book a few one-on-one online lectures.

How to learn Swedish fast, my best tips

Fridge magnets with Swedish words

For the Sweden fan with a little Swedish language knowledge

Ideal for those who already know a couple of Swedish words and would like to apply or test their skills whenever they open the fridge. Who comes up with the best/weirdest Swedish sentence? :)

Swedish language fridge magnets here on Amazon

Sweden map

Ideal for the Sweden fan who often shares where their favourite places in Sweden are

Schweden Karte

I have one of those at home, and love wandering around and check where I have and have not been yet.

Sweden map, available here

Swedish sweets

For the sweet tooth

Ahlgrens bilar (Autos)
Göteborgs Ballerina

These Swedish candies or pastries are popular among young and old Swedes alike. You find them in every Swedish grocery store. Did you know that Swedes traditionally eat candy on Saturdays? Having lördagsgodis – “Saturday’s candy”.

After regularly repeated quality controls, I can confirm, each is indeed very delicious.

These and more Swedish sweets on Amazon, here

Homemade Swedish cakes

Schwedische Prinzessinentorte Prinsesstårta Rezept
Swedish Princess cake

If the Sweden lover appreciates a delicious cake here and then, why not showing off your baking skills, making a typical Swedish cake or pastry yourself?!
For example, the hugely popular Princess cake (prinsesstårta) or the Swedish cinnamon rolls (kanelbullar).
If you have no trust in your baking skills, you will probably find deep frozen ones at IKEA. ;)

Swedish Princess cake recipe
Swedish cinnamon buns recipe 

IKEA gift card

For the Sweden lover who likes to spend many many hours at IKEA

Of course, you can always fall back on an IKEA gift card. You can buy it in any IKEA store or order it online. Very convenient if you find yourself in the situation that you have to get a present within the next 10-15 minutes or so. Just print it out and hand it over to your Sweden lover-friend. I can not imagine there is a single person on earth who is not able to find anything useful, fun or delicious at IKEA.

Buy IKEA gift cards, here

Swedish backpack: Kånken

For the Sweden fan who appreciates an established classic

Kånken by Fjällräven

Sweden is known for its vast, beautiful nature. Many Swedes and Sweden fans love to go hiking or camping. In order to be prepared for all weather conditions, robust outdoor products are very popular. (Here a list with popular Swedish outdoor brands.) 
Fjällräven is a hugely popular brand not only in Sweden but all over the world. You have probably seen their well-known backpack Kånken at some point. I own one and although I was sceptic in the beginning (it initially reminded me of school backpacks), I warmed up to it quickly and it is now a much liked companion on weekend trips and outdoor excursions, as well as for laptop carrying working sessions in city cafés.

Fjällräven, Swedish outdoor brand with the red fox, here

Kånken backpack, here

Trip to Sweden

For those who want to see something really beautiful or experience exciting adventure and make memories for life

Schweden Stockholm nach Sonnenuntergang
Stockholm after the sunset

Why not going to Sweden for a weekend?
Stockholm and Gothenburg are perfect for events and shopping.
The regions Småland and Norrland are great for Swedish outdoor experiences.  This gift for Sweden fans doesn’t have to be expensive…

Find the perfect hotel, hostel or flight to Sweden, with Booking.com/sweden, here

Before you go, check out my Sweden travel guide or the list with the best places to visit in Sweden, and which to avoid


Swedish massage

For the tense Sweden lover

Whether you give the massage yourself (as shown in the video above) or get a gift card from a local massage studio, a Swedish massage is probably something everyone with the need for tension release would enjoy.

Christmas bonus

Ängla spel – Swedish Christmas carousel

Swedish Christmas carousel – here on Amazon

Things you should NOT give as presents to Sweden lovers

If you do not like the person who you are supposed to buy a present for, consider one of the following options. When the Sweden fan opens the present, enjoy their surprised facial expression and challenged acting skills…
“Oh! That’s great! Thank youuu! 😬 I always wanted to own one of th…” – no, they didn’t. ;)

Silly 1: Keychain with Swedish flag

Kitschyyyy! Much worse than a cinema gift card. ;)

Silly 2: This Fridge Magnet

Geschenkidee für Schwedenfans Kühlschrank-Magnet

This is only suitable for Sweden fans who are male, and in the age between 15 and 17.

Silly 3: Moose Stickers for the Car

Only ok, if the Sweden fan has a shelve decorated with miniatures of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Or if he or she is German.

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I hope you found these gift ideas inspiring? Which present idea would you add to to the list? Write your comment below!

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  1. trying to organise a christmas cheese and wine hamper to send to my son who is living in sweden What internet site would it be possible to do this from

    • Hej, Esmae! Unfortunately, I don’t know where to get those from. But if you have found a good online shop or other source where to find a Christmas cheese and wine hamper, you’re welcome to share it here in the comments. “God jul!”

    • Yeah, funny, isn’t it? It’s probably only habitable by species the size of bugs. Which makes it the perfect food storage for the birds ;)

  2. My family liked hand-carved butter spreaders and östhyvels. These took little space in the luggage. Dala horses for the barnbarn, of course!


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