Best Places to Visit in Sweden & 3 to Avoid

Best places to visit in Sweden and 3 to avoid
Tavel destinations in Sweden

Travel destinations in Sweden

You want to travel to Sweden but don’t know where to go? On this page you will find the top travel destinations to make the best of your time in Sweden – for all types of travellers: nature enthusiasts, party people, foodies, fashion lovers, adventurers and those with an interest in culture. Go with your best friend, partner, kids or on your own. Sweden offers a wide variety of memorable experiences for everyone.

What to think about when travelling to Sweden:
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Top places in Sweden

The best cities and most beautiful travel destinations in Sweden

  • Smögen with its surrounding archipelago and neighbouring little villages at the west coast of Sweden – great for a 1- or 2-day trip!
  • Stockholm: the capital of Sweden. Ideal for those who seek interesting museums (ABBA Museum, Vasa Museum) and buildings (Stockholms castle), as well as nightlife (Café Opera, clubs and bars around Stureplan, bars in Södermalm). Old town Gamla stan is a must for every Stockholm visitor. Shopping: Biblioteksgatan and NK (Nordiksa Kompaniet). Extra tip (that I haven’t experienced myself but many friends have recommended): a boat trip to the archipelagos of Stockholm. Are you going with your family? Visit the open-air museum and zoo Skansen!
  • Oh you already went to Stockholm?! Try Gothenburg, it’s just like Stockholm, but a little smaller, a little more relaxed (some say, it’s even better than Stockholm) and, of course, you find an archipelago here as well.
  • Småland, Region South Sweden, where Astrid Lindgren and Emil of Lönneberga come from. Rent a little red Swedish house, rudder on a lake visit a moose park and enjoy the silence. Central town in Småland, and a good starting point, is Växjö. Don’t forget to check out the IKEA Museum at the IKEA Headquarter in Älmhult. Or the castle Kalmar slott in Kalmar. Since you’re already there, drive over the 6 km long Ölands bridge to Öland, a beautiful long island in the Baltic Sea.
  • Hiking and camping in untouched nature and mountains: Norrland (Region in the north of Sweden), good starting point: the student city Umeå.
  • Old, idyllic student cities with impressive university buildings and a rich student life: Uppsala (close to Stockholm) and Lund (close to Malmö)

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Smultronställen – beautiful locations in Sweden

Swedes call their favourite places (often locations with a beautiful view) smultronställen. You can find my personal favourite places on the map below:

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Hej Sweden’s smultronställen on Google Maps

Places you can remove from your travel list

Below, a list with three places that some people wouldn’t mention here. I have been to those cities and each of them is just a worse option of another city close by.

  • Malmö is an interesting town, and although you have a Turning Torso tower (that you can’t even access if you’re not a resident) you at least a range of cultural events and offerings. BUT… Malmö is very close to Denmarks capital Copenhagen, which is more entertaining, beautiful and fancy than Malmö. So, if you have already spent a week in Copenhagen and start to get bored, you might consider trying out some sights in Malmö.
  • Örnsköldsvik is great for those who love the outdoor brand Fjällräven which is seated there. Apart from that, well, let me think … no, nothing else. It’s worth taking the 2 hours ride by car to the South to Sundsvall or 1:30 to Umeå in the North.
  • Oskarshamn: You might end up here in case you get lost on the way to Västervik, which is a idyllic little town. Kalmar is also a far better alternative to spend time in when you’re travelling in the region.

I hope these tips helped you to plan your Sweden experience. If you have locations you want me to check out or share on Hej Sweden, please contact me!

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