Swedish Women: 7 Myths & Rumours About Women in Sweden (Busted/Confirmed)

Swedish women - how they really are - myths and rumors
How Swedish women really are – Myths confirmed/busted

What are Swedish women like? Let’s find out how Swedish women really are …

Are you going on a trip to Sweden or looking to meet a Swedish woman? Or are you going to go on a date with a Swedish girl? On this page you will find answers to the seven most common myths and rumours about girls/women in Sweden.

Myths & rumours about women in Sweden

“All Swedish girls are blonde”

Not exactly true.

You can find many non-blonde in Sweden, too. But, when you walk through Stockholms city center or little towns of the rural countryside, you will probably notice that the percentage of blonde people, and women in particular, are blonder than in most other countries.

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The expert eye of your girlfriend (if you happen to travel to Sweden together with her) will most likely point out that a large number of the blondes in Sweden “actually aren’t that blond – they dye their hair“. Yes, many do. But still their original blonde tone is more blond than their original color.

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So, Sweden is less blond than you might expect after watching those Swedish internet movies. Still…

If you like blondes, you will love Sweden“.

“Swedish women are tall”

Partly correct.

In average, Swedish women are among the tallest in Europe. In average they are 167.7 cm (5.5 ft) tall. Women in Estonia, Belgium and the Netherlands are longer. (The dutch women, being the longest in Europe, measure an average of 170.2 cm (5.58 ft). Here the complete list.)

So, it may happen that you will find yourself stretching your back a little more than usual when you talk to a Swedish girl.

“Swedish women are emancipated”

Yes, well, let’s say many Swedish women are very emancipated and gender equality minded. So are Swedish men by the way.

The percentage of women in the Swedish parliament: 46% (2018).

And they usually don’t have to rely on their spouse’s income in order to financially support their life or kids. And even if they don’t earn enough money themselves, usually the generous Swedish welfare system has their back covered.

So, women in Sweden don’t need to ask their partners for money whenever they want to buy the latest Swedish fashion or book a spa weekend with their girlfriends.

“Swedish women are beautiful”

Correct. Or, at least a recognisably high percentage of Swedish women are rather pretty.

It can happen that you stand in line at the supermarket and both the cashier and other shoppers around you look like they just came from a photo shooting.

Just make sure not to stare for too long. (Or better, only use your peripheral vision.) You will notice that Swedish men don’t turn their heads for attractive women or even look at them for more than just a short blink. Beauty is just that normal in Sweden.

Also, Swedes tend to have a more healthy lifestyle with better diet – they basically eat candy only on Saturdays – and exercising habits, leading to a more healthy and fit appearance.

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“Swedish women are feminists”

Mostly, yes.

Feminism and related topics are widely discussed in Swedish media and news outlets regularly report about existing problems in society or institutions where gender equality isn’t accomplished yet. Feminism is considered positive among most Swedes, women and men alike. In recent years though, a more sceptic view on “extreme feminism” has surfaced letting many Swedes reconsider the extend of how much they would call themselves a feminist.

Jokes about women or blondes are generally frowned upon in Sweden. Even when you hang out with your Swedish mates in the pub. ;)
When you go by car with a Swedish woman in the driver’s seat and she needs a little more time than you to park the car… just shut up and keep your macho comments for yourself. ;)

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“Swedish women are cold and distant”

True, partly.

Swedish women can seem a little more distant than, say, central European women. But only until they get a little tipsy. Then, suddenly, Swedish women can get very direct when it comes to communicating their mood, needs and desires.

In general, Swedes keep more distance in every-day life and avoid small talk or eye contact. Flirting during the day on the street or in the bus is extremely uncommon in Sweden.

“Swedish women are easy (to get)”

Yes and no.

If you are the type of guy a particular Swedish women typically fancies, then, yes, you can “get her easily”. Although, it’s actually not you who gets the woman but rather the other way around. Because Swedish women are very, say, proactive (and picky) when it comes to choosing and approaching their dating and mating partners.

This decisive partner selection process can be observed on weekends when Swedish ladies gather in groups in pubs and bars in order to hunt for their prey. The later the evening (the more drunk) the fewer words are exchanged (/wasted) between first eye and lip contact.

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