Moose Parks in Sweden – List and Map

Moose parks in Sweden
Moose Parks in Sweden

Are you looking for moose parks in Sweden? Here is a list and map with all moose parks and safaris located in Sweden.

Moose in Sweden

Yes, there are plenty of moose walking around in Sweden. 300 000 before hunting season in Autumn. And 200 000 after. But you don’t want to see them in the wild, they can actually attack you and insure or even kill you with their hooves. Therefore it’s definitely the better idea to observe and maybe even feed moose (watch the Instagram clip further below) in a safe place, like a moose park.

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Moose in Swedish

But first, a quick language lesson:

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Moose in Swedish = älg (pl. älgar) pronounced aly

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Map with all moose parks in the bottom of this page, here.

All moose parks in Sweden, list

This clip is taken in Grönåsens Älgpark in Kosta:

Moose parks in Sweden, Map

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