Know these Basic Swedish Sentences for Your Trip to Sweden

Learn basic Swedish words and sentences
Learn basic Swedish words and sentences

You want to learn some basic Swedish words and phrases for your trip to Sweden? To impress your Swedish friends or flirts?

With the following basic Swedish vocabulary, words and phrases, you’ll have a great foundation for the first five minutes of any conversation with Swedes. Just pick your favorite topic and start talking. (Swedes will love to help you with the right pronunciation.)

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Useful Swedish vocabulary for conversations about holiday

  • Vi har stängt hela juli – We are closed all July
  • ta ledig – go on holiday
  • sommarjobb – summer job
  • sommarstuga – summer cottage house
  • Vad kostar en två-veckors resa i Thailand? – How much is a two-weeks trip to Thailand?
  • Fan, det är ju sjukt billigt! – Damn, that’s sick-cheap!

Conversations about fashion in Sweden

  • skohylla – shoe shelve
  • nyklippt – freshly cut (hair)
  • Finns den en storlek större/mindre – Do you have it one size bigger/smaller?
  • Har ni denna även i svart? – Do you have it in black, too?
  • Jag brukar inte köpa märkeskläder. – I usually don’t buy brands.
  • Oj, vilken fin skjorta/kjol! Vilket märke? – Oh, what a nice shirt/skirt! Which brand?
  • Var har du köpt den? – Where did you buy it?
  • Fanns den inte i din storlek? – Didn’t they have it in your size?
  • Den har jag köpt på rea! – I have bought it on sale! (Popular excuse if someone with brand-avoiding friends dared to buy a brand-item)

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Useful vocabulary in Swedish stores

  • nummerlapp – ticket
  • nummerlapp automat – ticket dispenser
  • Vilket nummer har du? – Which number do you have?
  • Förlåt, jag glömde dra en nummerlapp. – Sorry, I forgot to get a ticket.
  • Du glömde dra en nummerlapp. – You forgot to get a ticket.
  • Hejdå! – Good bye!

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What are your “language experiences” in Sweden? Which lines or phrases worked for you? Which words would you add to a list with basic Swedish knowledge? Please comment below!