Classic Swedish names old and traditional names in Sweden

Old Swedish Names – Male & Female

Traditional Swedish names Are you looking for old Swedish names? For name inspiration for a new-born baby, a dog or, if you are a working for IKEA, the name for a new product-line? I collected … Read more

Study in Sweden - Student Life in Sweden

Student Life in Sweden – Quick Guide

Are you going to study in Sweden? Here are the most important things you should know about socialising and party life as an exchange student in Sweden. Quick Guide from a Former Exchange Student Things … Read more

Swedish drinking songs - snapsvisor

Top 10 Swedish Drinking Songs – (snapsvisor) Lyrics

Let’s sing the most popular drinking songs in Sweden! I have been to many Swedish student parties, (too many, some might even say 😉 ). One thing I really learned to enjoy, is collectively singing … Read more

10 Years Hej Sweden

Moving to Sweden has been the biggest adventure in my life. Back in 2009, when doing a project for a web design course at Växjö university, I outlined a blog to share my Sweden experiences … Read more

How to start a business in Sweden

Starting a Business in Sweden – Tips for Non-Swedish Entrepreneurs

Do you think about starting your own business in Sweden? In this post, you find tips how to get started and personal experiences from my business journey as a foreigner in Sweden. How to start … Read more

Talking to Swedes – Conversation Etiquette, What to Do & Avoid in Sweden

Swedish chit-chat etiquette Basic unwritten rules and norms to know when you talk to a Swede, in private situations or at work. Don’t interrupt. They won’t interrupt you. Don’t think Swedes are not listening or … Read more

Reasons Why Swedes Don't Want to Make Friends with You

3 Reasons Why Swedes Don’t Want to Make Friends with You

You have moved to Sweden. You have spent a couple of weeks or even month in this beautiful country. You found an apartment to live in, a job or university where for your studies. But … Read more

Being an Immigrant in Sweden

15 Signs You’re an Immigrant in Sweden

You have chosen to live in Sweden, at least for a while. You want to commit to the country and its people. There are a few changes in life as well as thoughts, observations and culture shocks you will experience after having spent some time as an immigrant in Sweden.

My first Impressions in Sweden

Sweden: My Very First Impressions – Stereotypes Confirmed?

Imagine you go to a country to which you’ve never been before. A place far away. You have certain images in your head about how it looks and feels like to be in this country. … Read more

History of Sweden

History of Sweden – 17 Most Important Events

Swedish History top facts.
All you really need to know about the history of Sweden. For example a weird queen, a blood bath, and of course Vikings.