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Are you planning to travel to Sweden? Would you like to get some useful tips for your trip? Do you want to find out how Swedish people really are? Hej Sweden is for you who wants to learn more about Sweden and Swedish culture.

Interessante Schweden Infos & Fun Facts

Sweden Facts & Infos

Are you looking for the founding year of Sweden? Do you want to learn more about the Swedish national anthem, flag or Royal Family of Sweden? You find all the answers to frequently asked questions about Sweden and basic facts here: Sweden Facts and Infos.
… and if you already know a bit about Sweden, test your knowledge in the 10 Question Sweden-Quiz.

Sweden Travel Guide

Are you planning your next trip to Sweden? Over several years of travelling around in Sweden, discovering amazing places, I have collected the best travel tips for your trip: the best locations, when is the ideal time to visit Sweden, what food you should try and what to keep in mind when you are in a Swedish café or restaurant … here in my travel tips.

Sweden travel guide - Where to go, when, what to think about and more ...

Swedish food and recipes


Want to try something typically Swedish?Swedish cuisine has more to offer than just meatballs and cinnamon buns. When you go to Sweden, you just have to try some of their traditional food!
And have you already heard about Swedish fika?

(Soon on Hej Sweden: a list with the most popular recipes from Sweden.)

Swedish Culture & Traditions

After getting to know Swedes in all sorts of situations, I noticed that there are several ways they are a bit “different” (and sometimes a little weird ;) ) In this category, I share my best advice on how to interact with Swedes without embarrassing yourself.

Have you experienced a Swedish midsummer fest? You have got to! It’s a great event. Particularly if you like flowers, funny dancing and snaps. Here is all you need to know about how to celebrate Swedish midsummer and other Swedish traditions.

Learn basic Swedish

“Hej! Hur är läget?”

Do you want to understand what a Swede means when he or she says “Skitstövel!” Here are lists with …

If you want to be able to understand and speak the Swedish language more or less fluently, here are my top 10 tips how to learn Swedish quickly.

Exploring Sweden and the Swedes

Almost 10 years ago, a while after moving to this beautiful country, I started this Sweden blog to share my experiences and tips. I hope you enjoy discovering and exploring this beautiful country as much as I do.

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