Learn basic Swedish words and phrases

Basic Swedish Phrases, Words & Common Sentences – for Your Trip to Sweden

Jag pratar inte svenska. – I don’t speak Swedish. … but soon you will. Well, at least some basic Swedish ;) Are you going to Sweden? For a trip, work or maybe a semester abroad? … Read more

Swedish Right of Public Access “Allemansrätten” – Freedom to Roam

Swedish freedom Something typically Swedish, if you ask a Swede, is not only köttbullar, lagom and Ikea, but also a special right called “allemansrätten” – the right of public access. The right of public access is written … Read more

Speak Swedish - Is it difficult to learn Swedish?

Is the Swedish Language Easy to Learn? Yes (and No) Here is Why …

Not many people in the world speak Swedish in their daily lives. Well, the Swedes and a few Finns. In total about 10 million people. Character of the Swedish language The Swedish language sounds to … Read more

Travel like a Swede - How to be Swedish

Travel like a Swede – How to be Swedish

Swedes love their country. But, once in a while, they also love to leave it. Since Swedes are fed up with winter-darkness (as you can read here) they long for warm sunny days. The rarity of those … Read more

Useful Swedish Phrases for Small Talk

Useful Swedish Phrases For Your Small-Talk or Flirt With Swedes

Are you already looking forward to your trip to Sweden? You can’t wait to experience Sweden’s beautiful nature, exciting parties and maybe even getting to know some of the locals? Then you might probably like to impress some Swedes with … Read more

PM Vanner Pool - Best Hotel in Vaxjo

Top 11 Hotel Recommendations For Your Stay In Växjö

You are looking for a hotel in Växjö? Before booking you want to get some insider tips from a local which hotels are best in Växjö? I have been living in Växjö for several years and … Read more

Books to read before Sweden

Top 5 Best Books About Sweden – Travel Guides & Swedish Culture

You are looking for a good book about Sweden? A present for a friend who is going there for a semester abroad? Or maybe you are going to travel to Sweden yourself and want to learn … Read more

Packing Checklist Sweden: What to Bring to Sweden for Your Holiday

When you travel to Sweden you want to be prepared for any inconvenient circumstances. It’s good to be prepared. Here is a list of things you will probably need during your trip to Sweden. Things … Read more