Swedish Right of Public Access “Allemansrätten” – Freedom to Roam

Swedish right of public access - freedom to roam
Swedish right of public access – freedom to roam – (photo credit: Johan Willmer/imagebank.sweden.se)

Swedish freedom

Something typically Swedish, if you ask a Swede, is not only köttbullar, lagom and Ikea, but also a special right called “allemansrätten” – the right of public access.

The right of public access is written in the constitution of Sweden: “Alla ska ha tillgång till naturen“, “Everyone shall have access to nature“.

This right gives you permission to go wherever you want – and camp wherever you want, for one night. Any field, forrest or your neighbor’s garden. Well, actually you can not camp in your neighbors garden unless he gives you permission to do so, but you are allowed to cross his fields and forrest without asking. If you decide to stay in a nice spot in the Swedish nature, you might want to contact the owner and just check if it’s okej for them.

Then, once you have permission, just put up your tent and follow the rule “don’t disturb and don’t destroy“.

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You are even allowed to pluck berries or mushrooms, not to earn some extra money on the next food market, but for personal consumption.

So, get your baskets out and start picking blueberries and kantareller (chanterelles)!

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