Swedish midsummer celebration, Swedes dancing to "små grodorna"

Små Grodorna – Swedish Midsummer Song Lyrics & English Translation

Små grodorna (little frogs) is one of the most popular songs during midsummer in Sweden. Swedes love it! Everyone, old and young, unite around the midsummer pole to dance in circles, pretending to be little … Read more

Swedish Christmas Santa Claus - jultomte

Top 5 Swedish Christmas Decoration Items for Your Home

Swedes love decoration. Particularly during the cold and dark winter season, Swedes make an effort to create a cozy atmosphere at home. Swedish homes are often well designed and equipped with thoughtfully chosen and placed … Read more

National Day of Sweden Celebrations - King of Sweden in Växjö

National Day of Sweden – Celebrating with Swedes and the King of Sweden

Celebrations of the Swedish national day become more and more popular. Nowadays, about every third Swedes celebrates their nation. Originally the June 6th was called the “Swedish flag day”, svenska flaggens dag. First in 1983 it … Read more

How to be Swedish – in 10 Easy Steps

10 Steps to Swedishize yourself You are going to spend some time in Sweden, for travelling, work or a semester abroad? You wonder how to blend in and act like a typical Swede?  Follow the … Read more

Swedish Easter Traditions

(Weird) Swedish Easter Traditions – Easter Bunny in Sweden?

Celebrate Easter in Sweden Easter in Swedish: påsk When Swedes celebrate easter in March/April. Easter surprise When you open your house door and you find Swedish kids standing on your door mat, dressed like witches, … Read more

Swedish Christmas traditions

How Swedes Celebrate Christmas – Swedish “Jul” Traditions

Swedish Christmas in a nutshell How to say merry Christmas in Swedish If you’re in Sweden during the Christmas season you can wish someone who you’re not going to meet before Christmas again, a “God … Read more

Swedish Crayfish Party Traditions “Kräftskiva” – Get Prepared for Sticky, Smelly Fingers!

Swedish crayfish party – kräftskiva A long time ago, Swedes who loved to party, found the calm half year between midsummer and Christmas for too long, so they came up with the idea of squeezing in … Read more

Mittsommar in Schweden - midsommar

Midsummer in Sweden – How Swedes Celebrate Their “Midsommar” Tradition

Do you want to know how Swedes celebrate their midsummer tradtion? On this site you will learn why Swedes celebrate midsummer and  what happens on a typical midsummer’s eve in Sweden: traditional food, activities, folk … Read more