Basic Sweden Facts (& Fun Facts)

Are you looking for some basic facts about Sweden? Maybe you are going to have a Sweden quiz and want to prepare by improving your general knowledge about this Sweden. Check out these quick basic Sweden facts below … facts you should know, if you are going to travel or live in Sweden for some time.
Among the information listed below, you will also find Sweden fun facts, not as useful when you try to show off during a quiz but certainly helpful when you have a chat with friends and want to impress with some interesting or weird information about Sweden.

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Basic Sweden Facts & Fun Facts

Quick facts about Sweden:

  • Top speed on Swedish highways: 110 km/h (68 mp/h), (except on a few highways: 120km/h)
  • Population: ca. 10 million
  • Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • King: Carl XVI Gustaf. Queen: Silvia.
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  • Neighbouring countries with direct border: Norway, Finland (if you include the Öresundbridge, also Denmark)
  • Calling code: +46
  • Emergency: 112
  • Area: 450.000 km², (173,860 sq mi) 
  • Time zone: CET (UTC +1), Summer CEST (UTC +2)
  • Nationalday: 6. Juni
  • Highest mountain: Kebnekaise, 2.106m
  • Membership
    1. EU: yes, since 1995
    2. NATO: yes, since 2024
  • Drunk driving: blood alcohol content of minimum 0.02% or more is considered a crime
  • Three biggest companies in Sweden:
    1. Volvo
    2. Ericsson
    3. Vattenfall
  • Currency: Swedish krona, SEK
  • Country code on European number plates: S
  • Domain: .se
  • GDP per capita (2019): 51.241 US$
  • Swedish national anthem: Du gamla, Du fria, (actually there is no official Swedish anthem, but this one has been adopted by convention)
  • Official language: Swedish
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