Top 10 Funny Swedish Words – Bra, Puss, Kock & more

Funny Swedish words & phrases
Funny Swedish words & phrases

Are you looking for some entertaining Swedish words or phrases? Here is a list of the most common Swedish words that make non-Swedes laugh, or at least smirk. :)

Funny Swedish words and expressions

Bra - Good Top 10 Funny Swedish words and what they actually mean
Bra – Good
  1. bra –  not a part of the female wardrobe, it simply means good
  2. kiss – urine
  3. puss kiss
  4. kockchef  (so, Swedish chef is svensk kock in Swedish)
  5. farthinderspeed bump
  6. fackförening(trade) union
  7. knullruffs – ruffled hair after intense intercourse
  8. sex – six
    Yes, Swedes say sex when they talk about the number 6. Strangely, they also say sex when they mean sex, the reproductive activity. This may lead to confusion when Swedes say: Sex hos mig, – Six/sex at my place, and you don’t know whether the person is very determined to have some sexy time at their place or just meet up at six o’clock.
  9. olla – no, you shall not say it when you meet a Swede – it means “touching an objekt with the tip of a penis”. Wondering who was in demand of coming up with that word, please?!
  10. slut – finish


  • Läderlappen – Batman  (at least Spiderman is called Spindelmannen)


… also good to know, and better not to confuse:

  • hurra – hooray
  • hora – whore

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Funny Swedish Words – Bra, Puss, Kock & more”

  1. Why not add.. Damsuga ? imagine arguing over whos’s turn it is to suck dust !!!
    Or the being told to go and throw yourself down a well….

    • Actually it is spelled “dammsuga” (= “dustsucking” = vacuum-cleaning).
      If “damsuga” was a real word it would mean “lady sucking” :-o


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