Books to read before Sweden

Top 5 Books to Read Before You Go to Sweden

Books to read before Sweden

You are looking for a good book about Sweden? A present for a friend who is going there for a semester abroad? Or maybe you are going to travel to Sweden yourself and want to learn more about interesting sights in Sweden or Swedish culture and customs.

On this site you will find a selection of books that I have read myself and regularly recommended to friends who were going to visit Sweden.

Books for Sweden visitors

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#1 Lonely Planet Sweden (Travel Guide)

Focus on sightseeing, but also general information about Swedish culture. Great if you just make a short trip to Sweden and want to experience interesting places.

#2 Xenophobe’s Guide to the Swedes

Compact size. Great fit for your pocket. And really funny. If you rather want to have a good laugh than high density of facts about Swedish culture, this should be the book of your choice.

#3 Modern-Day Vikings: A Pracical Guide to Interacting with the Swedes

Also fun to read but more detailed and a bit more clunky compared to Xenophobe’s Guide to the Swedes.

#4 CultureShock! Sweden

Another classic book about Swedish culture. Easy to digest and a good preparation for your trip to Sweden.

#5 Swedish Mentality

This book helped me understanding Swedish culture in more depth. I strongly recommend it, if you want to move to Sweden and get to know how and why Swedes are the way they are.


More later

I hope you found a good book in this list. As soon as I read another book that I consider valuable for Sweden travelers, I will add it to the list.

Have a nice trip to Sweden! 

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