Grönåsen Moose Park in Småland, South Sweden

Grönåsen Elchpark moose park Sweden
Grönåsen Älgpark

Are you looking for a moose park in Småland, in South Sweden? Here is my top tip, you want to see a living moose near the cities of Växjö and Kalmar: In Grönåsen Älgpark, in Kosta, you can watch moose safely from behind a fence and pick a moose souvenir from the moose shop.

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Moose watching is a must-do on every Sweden-trip, isn’t it? Just ask any German, they will agree :)

Elch im Grönåsen Elchpark Småland Südschweden
Elch Albert im Grönåsen Elchpark – Moose Albert

Moose park in the Glas KingdomGlasriket” in Kosta

Why going to Grönåsen’s moose park

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  • One of the biggest in Sweden
  • Apart from moose, you’ll also see bearded goats and feathery hens
  • The owners take care that the moose live in a natural environment
  • Huge selection of diverse moose products in the moose store
  • Only a few minutes by car away from the outlet center Kosta Outlet and glas manufacturer Kosta Boda

Meet the moose Albert, Melvin, Cornelius and Helge.

In the Video below, moose Albert:

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Grönåsens Älgpark AB
Grönåsen 2
360 52 Kosta

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More pictures

Elch-Shop Grönåsen Elchpark Småland Südschweden
Elch-Shop Grönåsen – Moose shop Grönåsen


Ziegen im Elchpark


Hühner im Elchpark
Plauschige Hühner für die Sup.. ähh zum angucken – Fluffy hens


Grönåsen Elchpark Betreiberin Gill
Grönåsen Elchpark Betreiberin Gill mit Kuschel-Elch – Owner Gill with a cuddly moose


Elch am Eingang zum Elchpark
Elch am Eingang zum Elchpark – Moose at the entrance to the moose park


Grönåsen’s website, here

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