How to pronounce “Växjö” (City in Småland, Sweden)

Växjö pronunciation - how to pronounce Vaxjo correctly
Växjö pronunciation

Yes, it looks a bit weird and it sounds even weirder – the name of the city of Växjö.

The first time I read it, it looked already a bit funny. Later, when I heard how it was pronounced in the right way in Swedish, I found it even a little unpleasant – a bit like as if you choked on a piede of a cinnamon bun and tried to cough it up again. But, well, I got used to it – after a couple of years ;)

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How to pronounce Växjö correctly

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  1. I was a Bosnian refugee living in Vaxjo. A very beautiful place. I remember pronouncing it as Vekša.


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