Swedish Fashion Brands – 12 Popular Clothing Brands in Sweden

These are the most popular fashion brands in Sweden. Maybe you already have one or more of these labels in your wardrobe…

12 popular Swedish fashion labels

Although the name might sound a little strange for a fashion brand, ACNE is rather popular among stylish Swedes.

ACNE Schwedische Mode Marken
ACNE (Screenshot)


High quality shirts.

Stenströms Schwedische Mode Marken
Stenströms (Screenshot)

Shop Stenströms

Tiger of Sweden Schwedische Mode Marken
Tiger of Sweden (Screenshot)

Shop Tiger of Sweden

Stands for “We are the Superlative Conspiracy“.

WeSC Schwedische Mode Marken
WeSC (Screenshot)

Shop WeSC

Whyred Schwedische Mode und Shops

Whyred (Screenshot)

Shop Whyred

Yes, the Tennis player from back in the days has created a successful fashion brand that every Swede know. Björn Borg's colofurl boxer shorts are omnipresent in the major fashion stores all over Sweden.

Björn Borg Schwedische Mode Unterwäsche
Björn Borg (Screenshot)

Shop Björn Borg

The Swedish answer to Ralph Lauren.

Boomerang Schwedische Mode
Boomerang (Screenshot)

Shop Boomerang

Streetfashion for teens and twens.

Cheap Monday Schwedische Mode Marken
Cheap Monday (Screenshot)

Shop Cheap Monday

Simplicity and minimalism. “K” stands for the last name of the founder Knutsson.

Filippa K Schwedische Mode Marken
Filippa K (Screenshot)

Shop Filippa K

Hunkydory Schwedische Mode
Hunkydory (Screenshot)

Shop Hunkydory

“J” has also helped Justin Timberlake developing his own fashion line. “J” stands for Johan.

J.Lindeberg Schwedische Mode
J.Lindeberg (Screenshot)

Shop J.Lindeberg

Marc O'Polo Schwedische Mode
Marc O'Polo (Screenshot)

Shop Marc'O'Polo

Nudie Jeans Schwedische Mode
Nudie Jeans (Screenshot)

Shop Nudie Jeans

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