Packing Checklist Sweden: What to Bring to Sweden for Your Holiday

Sunset Sweden
Kayaking in Sweden – Credit: Henrik Trygg/

When you travel to Sweden you want to be prepared for any inconvenient circumstances. It’s good to be prepared.
Here is a list of things you will probably need during your trip to Sweden. Things your mother would put in your luggage if she still had to pack it for you. Or maybe she still does. In that case, hand this list over to her! But make sure she won’t read item number 1.

Packlist for your Sweden-trip

1. Condoms

Of course, this is something you should always carry with you, when you’re in your home or any other country. But when you are in Sweden there’s probably a higher chance of you actually using one (or more), finally.

2. Mosquito spray

For those who make a trip to Sweden to experience Swedish nature in Summer: don’t forget mosquito spray.
There are lots of annoying mosquitos. And they desperately want your blood.

3. Warm cloth

If you come during the winter season: Don’t forget a warm jacket, gloves and a hat. It’s getting cold in Sweden. Ice cold. Particularly in the north where -30 °C (-22 °F) isn’t unusual. But even in the south where you can experience temperatures around the freezing point between November and April, you should have warm cozy cloth with you.

4. Your Smartphone

Of course, you should bring your phone. But not only to call mum and dad to tell them you’re fine. Or your wifey or husband to tell them you’re not at all impressed by the good looks of the Swedes.

Book about Sweden - How to be Swedish

Apart from using their phone for pretty much everything like sending messages or images via Snapchat, listening to Spotify, checking their updates on Facebook and strengthening their thumb muscles by heavy left and right swiping on Tinder, Swedes actually mainly use their phones in order to not to have to stare at you.

The mobile phone gives them the opportunity to stare at something and avoid eye contact in socially awkward situations. And most Swedes seem to consider any situation as socially awkward that occur outside a their own apartment.
So, blend in, start staring at your phone.

Typically Swedish – 100 Things

5. A camera (if your phone doesn’t already have a good one)

Certainly, you are going to want to take pictures of the beautiful sights in Sweden. And I’m talking about the stunning nature in the country side and the impressive buildings in the big cities.

The fact that a handsome Swedish woman or man might be passing by, just the moment you wanted to take a picture of Stockholms harbor, is just a coincidence. One that your best friend will certainly appreciate, when you show it to him or her later when you’re back home. So make sure your camera takes high resolution photos, making it easier to zoom in later.

What you do NOT need to pack

No, no guns or knives or other arms needed to protect yourself from wolves or bears. At least not, when you travel to the south of Sweden … ;)

Now, you’re ready to conquer Sweden. Trevlig resa! Have nice trip!
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