Swedes on the Dance Floor – “Wildlife” Observations

Dance floor partying in Sweden
Swedish Night Club Experiences

You are going to party in Sweden. Here is some advice how to behave or rather what to expect on a Swedish dance floor. Be prepared!

How to act like a Swede on the dance floor

Stop being serious on the dance floor!
If a Swedes wants to dance seriously, they join dancing classes where they receive instructions on how to move rhythmically. Watching Swedes on a dance floor, you will quickly find out that not many have taken dancing classes.

Nevertheless it is difficult to move your body well, when you are too sober or too drunk. As we learned before – Swedes only achieve that desirable state of a rush between 21.00 and 22.00, when they’re still at the preparty.
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Swedish dance floors are not primarily considered for dancing, they are places to easily indicate the intention to initiate mating processes

Dance floors in Sweden can get very bumpy. Don’t put on your best shoes. Someone will definitely step on them. If you’re lucky it won’t be a high heel of the staggering girl trying to pass through the crowd. Get used to elbows hitting your back waist and head. Don’t expect an excuse. If someone turns around and shows he or she is sorry, it’s probably because that person thinks he made he or she made you spill your drink – which, of course, in Sweden is much worse than experiencing physical pain.

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Crossing a Swedish dance floor is a similar experience as a game of American Football, except, in American Football you have a higher chance of making it to the other side without getting bruisers

So, fill your plastic bottle with some liquor blend, join a queue and dance with the Swedes on the dance floor. No sense of rhythm needed.

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What are your experiences on a Swedish dance floor? Share your story and impressions below.

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