Popular Swedish Drinking Song: “Helan Går” – Lyrics and Video

"Helan Går" Snapsvisa - Swedish Drinking Song
“Helan Går” Snapsvisa – Swedish Drinking Song – (photo credit: Janus Langhorn/imagebank.sweden.se)

Swedish drinking song: “Helan Går

Are you going to a Swedish party, maybe a kräftskiva (crayfish party) or midsummer celebration? You might want to get prepared by learning the lyrics of the Swedes' most popular drinking song: Helan Går.

Maybe you are at the party right now and you have googled the lyrics to quickly be able to sing along… Well, I won't distract you with any unnecessary information about the song's history, since you can read it on Wikipedia. here are the lyrics to learn by heart:

Helan Går lyrics

Helan går
Sjung hopp faderallan lallan lej
Helan går
Sjung hopp faderallan lej
Och den som inte helan tar
Han heller inte halvan får
Helan går
Sjung hopp faderallan lej



The whole one goes down
Sing “hup fol-de-rol la la la la”
The whole one goes down
Sing “hup fol-de-rol la la”
And he who doesn't take the whole
Doesn't get the half one either
The whole one goes down
Sing “hup fol-de-rol la la”

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Helan Går song and lyrics on YouTube

Here is how Swedish actress Malin Åkerman sings Helan Går. (A little bit fast maybe and she leaves out the last lines.)

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