Swedish drinking songs - snapsvisor

Top 10 Swedish Drinking Songs – (snapsvisor) Lyrics

Let’s sing the most popular drinking songs in Sweden! I have been to many Swedish student parties, (too many, some might even say 😉 ). One thing I really learned to enjoy, is collectively singing … Read more

Swedish midsummer celebration, Swedes dancing to "små grodorna"

Små Grodorna: Swedish Midsummer Song – Lyrics & English Translation

Små grodorna (little frogs) is one of the most popular songs during midsummer in Sweden. Swedes love it! Everyone, old and young, unite around the midsummer pole to dance in circles, pretending to be little … Read more

Swedish drinking song Helan går

Swedish Drinking Song: Helan går – Lyrics and Video

Swedish drinking song: “Helan Går“ Are you going to a Swedish party, maybe a kräftskiva (crayfish party) or midsummer celebration? You might want to get prepared by learning the lyrics of the Swedes’ most popular drinking … Read more

Swedes Love to Sing – “Just Sing Along”

In Sweden it’s not good to bee to good at something, except singing. If you can sing you can proudly present it to others. Things you need to know when you talk to Swedes about … Read more

Swedish Birthday Song Lyrics

Swedish ‘Happy Birthday’ Song Lyrics & Birthday Tradition – ‘Ja må han/hon leva’

Once a year Swedes celebrate their birthday. If you, as a new-Swede or Sweden visitor, ever consider celebrating your birthday, in the presence of other Swedes, there is something I need to warn you about… Not … Read more

Sing ABBA songs - How to be Swedish

The Role of ABBA in Sweden – “Let’s All Sing Along”

Have you ever heard of ABBA? Of course, you did! Stupid of me to even ask that question. In case you didn’t, ABBA is a music band from the 70’s and 80’s which has reached great … Read more

Swedish National Anthem Lyrics Swedish English

Swedish National Anthem – Lyrics in Swedish & English

National anthem of Sweden The Swedish national anthem – called “Sveriges nationalsång” in Sweden – is not only sung at sportevents like the Olympic games or games of the national football team. Swedes have a … Read more

Schwedische Charts - Top 50

Swedish Music Charts – Top 50 in Sweden

Are you looking for the most popular songs in Sweden right now? Below you find the frequently updated Swedish Single Charts, presented by Spotify. If you are in a more nostalgic mood have a look at … Read more