Cinnamon Bun (Kanelbullar) Milk Shake – Original Swedish Recipe (Very Easy)

Kanelbullar Cinnamon Bun Milk Shake

Every year on October 4th, Swedes celebrate their kanelbullens dag, cinnamon bun/roll day.

This pastry is an essential part of the Swedish fika (coffee break). All Swedes love it!

Make your own Swedish cinnamon buns, here’s the recipe

Cinnamon bun celebration idea

This year, I thought I’d not just prepare some delicious, self made kanelbullar, but rather give the way they are served a little twist.

(Please don’t take this too seriously.)

Since I love using my blender for diverse food preparation purposes – yet I’m not very skillful as you will notice when you watch the video below – I decided to create a cinnamon bun milk shake.

And becaue I am in Sweden right now, and cinnamon buns are considered “typically Swedish“, I claim this to be the first “Original Swedish Cinnamon Bun Milk Shake” ever. (Let me know in case you have already found something similar on the internet.)

So, here is the recipe for the Original Swedish Cinnamon Bun Milk Shake.


For 2 servings


  • 5 dl milk (preferably original Swedish “Mellanmjölk”, 1.5% fat),
  • 2 cinnamon buns

Cinnamon bun shake from Sweden recipe


Pour the milk into a blender, followed by the kanelbullar. Don’t forget the lid!!! Seriously, I did, and I received the Darwin award for doing so.

Just watch the video!

And here is the result one more time:

Cinnamon bun milk shake swedish recipeCheers! Skål!

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