Basic Facts About Sweden

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) & basic facts about Sweden

What is Sweden known for?

Top things Sweden is known for:

  1. Its social welfare system
  2. Mooses
  3. Blonde people
  4. Good looking women
  5. Abba (music band)
  6. IKEA
  7. Dala häst, the Dalarian Horse (Dala Horse)
  8. Köttbullar (meatballs), Swedish meatball recipe
  9. Surströmming (fermented herring)
  10. Volvo
  11. Political neutrality, free from political alliances (alliansfrihet)
  12. Cottage houses in red and white colours (dala-red)
  13. Astrid Lindgren (Author)


How many people live in Sweden

Almost 10 Million people live in Sweden (2016)

Approximately 85% live in cities.
About 20% of Swedens’ population have their family roots in other countries.


Things to know about Sweden

Special rights in Sweden

Special rules to consider in Sweden


What are people from Sweden called?



What language do people in Sweden speak?

Swedish, a North Germanic language


How to say “Go Sweden!” in Swedish?

Go Sweden!” in Swedish is: “Heja Sverige!


What are popular sports in Sweden?

Most popular sports in Sweden, ranked by the amount of active people within each sport (2008)

  • Football – 500 000
  • Innebandy (floor ball) – 309 000
  • Golf – 273 000


Popular Swedish newspapers online

Online versions of the most popular newspapers in Sweden

All Swedish newspapers and magazines (in Swedish)


Popular Swedish swear words

  • Fan, devil
  • Jävla, devilish
  • Helvete, hell

More Swedish cuss words and how to pronounce them


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