Swedish kamelbullar (camel buns)


Sometimes, when you stay in a different country with a different language, you see words that might sound a bit funny. Words that you have a completely different association with than the locals. During my … Read more

Kanelbullar Cinnamon Bun Milk Shake

Cinnamon Bun (Kanelbullar) Milk Shake – Original Swedish Recipe (Very Easy)

Every year on October 4th, Swedes celebrate their kanelbullens dag, cinnamon bun/roll day. This pastry is an essential part of the Swedish fika (coffee break). All Swedes love it! Make your own Swedish cinnamon buns, here’s the … Read more

Swedish cinnamon buns recipe for kanelbullar

Original Swedish Cinnamon Buns Recipe – How to Make “Kanelbullar”

When you have a coffee break in Sweden, during work or leisure time, chances are high your Swedish colleague or friend will eat a kanelbulle, cinnamon bun. Also known as cinnamon roll or cinnamon snail. You … Read more