Matthias Kamann SMP Smalandsposten article 170515 How to be Swedish

Swedish Newspaper Smålandsposten Publishes Article About My New Book “How to be Swedish”

On Monday the 15th of May 2017, Smålandsposten published an interview article about me and my book “How to be Swedish”. Link to article on About a week before, I went into Smålandspostens office … Read more

How to be Swedish – in 10 Easy Steps

  10 Steps to Swedishize yourself You are going to spend some time in Sweden, for travelling, work or a semester abroad? You wonder how to blend in and act like a typical Swede?  Follow … Read more

How to be Swedish - by Matthias Kamann

“How to be Swedish” – Book Release

Finally, after several years of collecting information – from other Sweden-books and websites – and conducting many, many interviews with Swedes as well as non-Swedes about their “Swedish experiences”, my new (well, it’s my first) book … Read more

Avoid the neighbors - How to be Swedish

You Moved Into an Apartment In Sweden? Avoid the Neighbors!

  You have moved into your Swedish apartment. Now, just like every Swede, once in a while, you have to leave your apartment. For shopping laktosfri yoghurt, work or spinning classes at the gym. Beware … Read more