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Top 10 Differences Between Germans & Swedes

This post is written by a German who also happens to be Swedish. Are there actually any differences between Swedes and Germans? Yes! But aren’t these nations at least culturally very similar? No! Well, except, both consume lots of … Read more

Typically Swedish page 4

Typically Swedish #76-100, Page 4/4

What is typically Swedish? Page 4 of 4 Here back to… Page 1, #1-25 Page 2, #26-50 Page 3, #51-75   76. During the Christmas holiday season, you use to drink Glögg, to which you … Read more

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Typically Swedish #26 – 50, Page 2

  What is typically Swedish? Page 2 of 4 Here back to page 1/4, #1-25 26. You know in which year the Olympic Games were in Stockholm 1912 27. You consider it completely normal that every Easter, … Read more

Typically Swedish

What is typically Swedish? During the last couple of years, I have been collecting several “things” that I consider typically Swedish. These things can be actual products or behaviors of Swedish people that you encounter … Read more

Angry Swedes

  Have you noticed that Swedes keep calm in public and that they hardly ever seem to argue with each other? Guess what! They do. But in their own subliminal way, which could be hard … Read more

The Swedes and Alcohol: About Drinking in Sweden (Culture, Law, Prices, Alcoholism)

Sweden is not only known for IKEA, ABBA and Volvo but also for its high alcohol prices. Why does alcohol cost so much in Sweden and what do Swedes generally think about the consumption of … Read more