Swedish Birthday Song Lyrics

Swedish ‘Happy Birthday’ Song Lyrics & Birthday Tradition – ‘Ja må han/hon leva’

Once a year Swedes celebrate their birthday. If you, as a new-Swede or Sweden visitor, ever consider celebrating your birthday, in the presence of other Swedes, there is something I need to warn you about… Not … Read more

Swedish Christmas/Weihnachten in Schweden

Christmas in Sweden – Food & Funny Swedish Traditions

When people in Sweden celebrate the birthday of baby jesus they might do that a little different from what you might expect. How does a typical Christmas in Sweden look like? Below you find out … Read more

Typically Swedish page 4

Typically Swedish #76-100, Page 4/4

What is typically Swedish? Page 4 of 4 Here back to… Page 1, #1-25 Page 2, #26-50 Page 3, #51-75   76. During the Christmas holiday season, you use to drink Glögg, to which you … Read more

Typically Swedish page 3

Typically Swedish #51-75, Page 3

What is typically Swedish? Page 3 Here back to… Page 1/4, #1-25 Page 2/4, #26-50 Forward to … Page 4/4, #76-100 51. The letter Å (pronounced like a short “Oh“)   52. Snus – the mini … Read more