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51. The letter Å (pronounced like a short “Oh“)

Å wie in Åhléns


52. Snus – the mini tea-bag you carry along under your upper lipp

Snus - Hej Sweden - Schweden erleben


53. Your celebrate Valborg with a big fire or even firework Valborg Schweden Feuerwerk - Hej Sweden


54. Your toilet seat is made of thin plastic

Schweden Toilette - Klodeckel - Hej Sweden


55. You like a this little, wide-headed boy called Alfons Åberg

Alfons Åberg - Hej Sweden


56. You find it a little bit funny that a yoghurt in Germany is called “Knüller”.
This word is pronounced exactly like the word knulla, which is Swedish for f*uck

Knüller Joghurt


57. At least once received a Aladdin chokladask (chocolate box) as a present. You also gave away one of those as a last-minute present at some point



59. To move your stuff to your new apartment, you rent a släpvagn (trailer) from the local gas station (often Statoil)

Schweden Umzug - Anhänger von der Tankstelle


59. Your door has a mechanical door-bell

Türklingel Schweden 2 Hej Sweden Türklingel Schweden 3 Hej Sweden


60. When you make appointments that are a little longer in the future, you use the week numbers to communicate when you are ledig (free) or upptagen (busy)

Wochen Schweden Sommeröfnnungszeiten
Wochen Schweden Sommeröfnnungszeiten


61. If you have a house and children, you most likely also have a trampolin in the backyard

Trampolin im schwedischen Garten
Trampolin in schwedischem Vorgärten


62. You think it’s normal that price tags look like smileys without a mouth :-

Schreibweise Preise in Schweden
:- statt ,-


63. Instead of guard railing you’re separated from the opposite lane on motorways by a vajerräcke (wire fence)

64. When you pick your email-address or domain name with umlauts, instead of writing them with ae, oe, ue, you simply leave out the ¨ (dots) – e.g. almhult.se instead of aelmhult.se for the city of Älmhult

Umlaute in Schweden ÄÖÜÅ


65. On Fridays you make sure to buy lots of potato-chips for a movie-night on the sofa with your loved ones. This cosy time is called fredagsmys “Friday’s cuddling”

OLW Fredagsmys Chips Schweden

66. You have a tube of Kalles Kaviar in your fridge

Kalles Kaviar Schweden

67. At least once, or rather multiple times per day, you check the website of the evening newspaper Aftonbladet

Schwedisches Online-Portal der Zeitung Aftonbladet

68. You have discussed whether it’s good or bad for the Swedish society to have a Systembolaget (state owned alcohol monopoly)

Systembolaget Alkohol kaufen in Schweden

69. The personnummer (personal ID number)

Schwedische Personnummer - Personennummer in Schweden


70. ABBA, of course

ABBA in Schweden


71. Allemansrätten, “everyone’s-right” to camp anywhere in public environments for one night

Allemansrätten in Schweden, Camping


72. You have been stumbling over the legs of this (annoying) IKEA Antilop chair, present in almost every Swedish café

Schwedischer Kinderstuhl Antilop von IKEA

73. You think it’s normal that you can find out who the owner of a car is, simply by sending an SMS to the Swedish ministry for transport

Fahrzeughalter via SMS ermitteln in Schweden

74. Dubbdäck, wintertires with spikes


75. You know someone who ollade something. Meaning: touching an object with the tip of one’s gentleman sausage



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