Swedes Are Addicted – to Strong Coffee

Drink strong coffee in Sweden - how to be Swedish


Winters in Sweden are long and dark. Long winter darkness may lead to tiredness, low energy and a lack of passion. To get some extra energy and heat Swedes found coffee to be their drink of choice.  

Strong Swedish coffee

Swedes really love their coffee. Drinking coffee is an essential part of their daily routines. One in the morning, several at work, a Cappuccino during meetings with friends (fika), and in the evening an Espresso, to avoid falling asleep during an episode of “Wallander”.

Many Swedes have a cup of coffee in their hand every time they sit down at a table

You find coffee places and cafés everywhere in Sweden. But beware, Swedes don’t drink their coffee they way you use to in your old country.

Swedish coffee is strong. Very strong. So strong indeed, you will notice when you pour your standard amount of milk into it, and notice your coffee resists turning from black to brown. Basically, you can consider Swedish coffee a bit stronger as Espresso and weaker than tar.

Book about Sweden - How to be Swedish

That said, the first time you try Swedish coffee, only try a little Espresso-size mug, to find out which impact it has on your digestion. Just make sure you drink your coffee with a toilet within a few seconds reach.

Coffee facts

Increase your coffee intake gradually until you hit Swedish average of 3,2 cups a day.

Once you’re used to it, every other coffee in the world will taste like black colored water.

Three of four Swedes drink coffee every day

The average 3,2 cups of coffee every day puts Swedes to the second place of the highest coffee consumption in the world, right after 3,5 cups that the Finns drink daily – one before, during and after a sauna visit.  The other Scandinavian countries, Norway and Denmark, also belong to the biggest coffee consumers, both with 3,1 cups per day.


So, dear new-Swede, get your digestive system prepared for your 3,2 cups of strong coffee per day


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  1. I’ve just shared this article with an American friend who didn’t know the facts about Swedish coffee consumption and who believed a meme about ‘fika’ that is currently doing the rounds. According to the meme, ‘fika’ means ‘a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life’ bhahahahaha


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