Travel like a Swede - How to be Swedish

Swedish Travel Culture – Swedes on a Plane

Swedes love their country. But, once in a while, they also love to leave it. Since Swedes are fed up with winter-darkness (as you can read here) they long for warm sunny days. The rarity of those … Read more

Villa Volvo Vuvve - How to be Swedish

Top 3 Swedish Goals in Life: “Villa, Volvo, Vovve”

Swedes are humble people. They don’t show off. Or, if they do they do it in a subtle way. Even the rich and successful Swedes, like for example the members of ABBA, are approachable and … Read more

Why Swedes Love Their Nature

Swedes love to spend their time outside. They enjoy being in touch with the beautiful Swedish nature. But let’s start with some facts about nature in Sweden… Facts about Swedish nature More than half of the country is … Read more

Queueing in Sweden: Look for the Ticket Dispenser!

Swedes like it when things are tidy and in organized. They are also convinced that no one should take advantage of someone. You can spot both traits when you observe the way Swedes administer the way they wait in line. (Find translations … Read more

Why Swedes are Obsessed with Summer and Sunshine

Swedish summers are short but impressive Winters in Sweden are long, dark and cold. This has a severe effect on Swedish behavior. No wonder they long for sunlight when they have to live without it during the dark … Read more