Swedish culture

Swedes Are Honest People (Most of the Time)

Surprise: Swedish culture is different from yours. But you probably already expected that. Something I particularly like about Sweden and the Swedes, is their honesty. Or, at least, their attempt to be as honest and … Read more

Inviting a Swede: Swedes Find It Difficult to Receive a Favor

Swedes have good personal qualities. They can be generous and welcoming. Plus, many Swedish people have a good memory. In combination this means, Swedes can remember that you invited them for a beer, even if it’s a while ago and … Read more

“Lagom” in Sweden – What It Means and Where It Comes from

What is lagom? Lagom is the Swedish expression for “in moderation”, “just right” or “not too much and not too little”, as the Swedes use to reply to this question with their sweet Swedish accent. Swedes … Read more

Fredagsmys cozy Friday - How to be Swedish

Swedes Get Cozy on Fridays: “Fredagsmys” (Friday Coziness)

  Swedes take their work very seriously. They come in time. They leave in time. To get some recover from a stressful workweek some Swedish people decided to introduce a relaxing activity on Fridays, called fredagsmys, literally “Friday cosiness”. … Read more

Be environmentally friendly - How to be Swedish

Swedes are Environmentally Friendly

Swedes love to get out in the nature, hiking, skiing, swimming or sunbathing on the grass. To make those outdoor experiences as pleasant as possible, Swedes commonly understand that it’s better to preserve the beautiful Swedish … Read more

Dream of living abroad - How to be Swedish

Swedes Dream of Living Abroad (for a While)

Sweden is a small country. Not that small actually, at least when it comes to land area (450,295 km2 / 175,896 sq mi). But with a population of only about 10 million, Sweden is considerably small. Although the … Read more

Fear stomach flu magsjuka - How to be Swedish

Swedes Fear “Magsjuka”, The Common Stomach Flu

No one wants to be ill. Including Swedes. But there is one illness they particularly try to avoid, “magsjuka“, the stomach flu. What happens when you have magsjuka It’s when the content of your digestive system … Read more

Be bad at small talk - How to be Swedish

Swedes Avoid Small Talk & Eye Contact

It’s maybe not too uncommon that people get easily nervous when they have to talk to strangers. But what’s a bit different with the Swedes is, they even feel uncomfortable talking to people they have already met before. … Read more

Be safety-conscious - How to be Swedish

What Is Safe and Not-so-Safe in Sweden

Good news for you if you also prefer things to be safe. Sweden really is the right place for you. Swedish safety-thinking can be found in many places. As in Swedish products. For example, have a … Read more

Appreciate flat hierarchies in Sweden - How to be Swedish s

How Flat Hierarchies Work in Sweden

“Hello Marie!” “Hi, Peter! How are you doing today?” “I’m good, thanks? How was your weekend, Marie?” What you’ve just read could have been a daily conversation between two Swedish friends or colleagues. But not … Read more