Swedes Dream of Living Abroad (for a While)

Dream of living abroad - How to be Swedish

Sweden is a small country. Not that small actually, at least when it comes to land area (450,295 km2 /
175,896 sq mi). But with a population of only about 10 million, Sweden is considerably small.

Although the country of Sweden is unarguably beautiful – due to it’s vast nature and eye-pleasing landscapes – Swedes tend to dream about living somewhere else. At least for a period of time, at some point of their life.

Why Swedes want to go somewhere else

Well, first of all, Sweden is a bit cold and dark in winter. Which is why Swedes prefer to go to more southern and sunny places. Then, Swedes consider themselves as “a bit boring”, therefore they seek a surrounding with more “passionate” and “energetic” people in countries with a more expressive culture. Often, Swedes simply want to feel free and discover the world, much like their Viking ancestors.

Where to go

You as a new-Swede, should get used to conversations with old-Swedes in which they tell you that they would love to work in a sunny country during the winter and then come back to live in Sweden during summer to experience this most wonderful of Swedish seasons.
(More about midsummer in a later post.)

Book about Sweden - How to be Swedish

Many Swedes have made traveling experiences right after school or after finishing their studies. Particularly those in their late teens or twenties will tell you that they want to travel to travel through Australia in a mini-bus, work as an au pair or make an internship in the United States – there especially in Los Angeles or New York – go backpacking in South America or work as a bar tender in London.

So, dear new-Swede, choose your destination for your three month (at least) trip

  • Australia
  • London
  • New York / Los Angeles
  • South America
  • And if you prefer beaches, add Thailand to your list

… and don’t forget to update your Facebook cover image or profile picture, showing you walking over Brooklyn Bridge, overviewing Machu Picchu or resting on the roof of a Volkswagen Bulli in the Australian desert.

For more ways to Swedishize yourself, read the book: How to be Swedish – A Quick Guide to Swedishness – in 55 Steps, here on Amazon

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