Swedes Get Cozy on Fridays: “Fredagsmys” (Friday Coziness)

Fredagsmys cozy Friday - How to be Swedish


Swedes take their work very seriously. They come in time. They leave in time. To get some recover from a stressful workweek some Swedish people decided to introduce a relaxing activity on Fridays, called fredagsmys, literally “Friday cosiness”.

How to fredagsmys

Ideally a fredagsmys happens right after having taccos for dinner. Having taccos for dinner is called a tacco kväll, “tacco evening”. Which is a great compromise if two people in a relationship won’t able to agree whether to eat pizza or sushi that evening.

Finding the right food for a (hopefully) romantic and relaxing Friday tends to be less difficult than finding a TV show or movie both parts agree on. Not too long ago, you could observe Swedish couples standing in front of a shelve at Hemmakväll (DVD rental) and hear an annoyed man saying to a woman “You said I can decide” after she replied to all his suggestions with a “Näääh“. Nowadays, these discussions have moved to the sofa, from where Swedes just download or stream.

Fredagsmys snacks

Important: Don’t forget some crunchy snacks! Chips are widely associated with a Fredagsmys in Sweden. Rumor has it that a chips producer (OLW) came up with the idea of fredagsmys to promote their snacks. Their TV advertisement was underlined with a catchy melody that every Swedes knows “Nu är det freeedagsmyyys… “. Just ask a Swede and they will hum it for you (with slight embarrassment).

Book about Sweden - How to be Swedish


So, dear new-Swede, it’s Friday (soon), put on your comfy sweatpants and gather with other family members or your partner in front of your TV and satisfy your need for snacks, entertainment and cuddling.


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