Swedes are Environmentally Friendly

Be environmentally friendly - How to be Swedish

Swedes love to get out in the nature, hiking, skiing, swimming or sunbathing on the grass. To make those outdoor experiences as pleasant as possible, Swedes commonly understand that it’s better to preserve the beautiful Swedish nature and fight everything that could possible have a negative impact on it.

Buy things that are good for the nature

Before a Swede makes a purchase, they carefully check packages for labels that indicate that the product has been produced under environmentally friendly conditions.

Swedes have a built in must-buy reflex when being presented to products that are labelled “bra för miljön” (good for the environment) or contains the word “miljävänlig”

In Sweden, these environment-labels are very important for any purchase decision. They successfully give Swedes a good conscious and the feeling they have actively contributed to a better world. Those environment labels are almost as appealing to Swedes as a sign that says “rea”, sales.

Recycle in the miljöhus

To throw away your garbage you have to go to a little shed outside your apartment building, it’s called the miljöhus, literally “environment house”. In there you find open containers for different types of garbage: clear glass, colored glass, plastic, card board, metal, food waste, batteries, light bulbs, radioactive waste and one universal container for everything else.

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These containers are open, so you can easily find the miljöhus by following smell of rotten garbage. Open containers also offer a great way for you if you want to improve your throwing techniques.

Sorting household waste in Sweden gives you bragging rights

To correctly recycle, some Swedes consider it important to clean their plastic yoghurt mug before they throw it away. That’s probably the most committed way anyone can contribute to environmental preservation, isn’t it?

So dear new Swede, it’s time to practice your ability to fold the boxes and cartons so they take up a minimum of space, and throw it into the right container in your miljöhus.

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