Top 5 Benefits of Swedish Citizenship – Advantages of Having a Swedish Passport

Swedish citizenship advantages
Swedish citizenship advantages

Disclaimer: The following benefits of having a Swedish passport are not really true. The purpose is entertainment and not factual accuracy.

Swedish citizenship

You have heard about how beautiful Sweden is? Maybe you even travelled to Sweden and fell in love with the country and people? Living in Sweden is great! But it gets even better, once you have a Swedish passport that shows your name and picture. Here is why ..

Read the Swedish citizenship requirements, here

Swedish citizenship benefits

With a Swedish passport in your pocket …

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  • You have access to the VIP areas in every Ikea store in the world (free kanelbullar and a golden hex key included).
  • You can ride on one of the rare (threatened with extinction) Dala horses, through Stockholm.
  • You receive a state subsidised Volvo autonomously driving car – so you won’t have to drift on a frozen lake to pass the Swedish driver’s license.
  • You will be announced as the “winner” of every meatball eating competition you join. Because every participant will. There’s just is no looser in Swedish society.
  • You can drink from rivers filled with honey, milk and salmon.
    (I haven’t found those yet, but someone once told me they really exist, somewhere.)

Isn’t that fan-tastic!?!

I guess there are even more benefits, which I don’t remember at the moment. But if you do, please comment below or on Facebook!

New citizenship test – Are you eligible to become Swedish

Do you also want a Swedish passport, just like 10 million other people on this planet? Soon will have to be able to answer Swedish Citizenship Test questions:

Swedish citizenship test questions, here

Find out how to be Swedish

Learn how to integrate in Sweden and interact with Swedes without embarrassing yourself. Read …

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