Swedish Feminism & Gender Equality in Sweden

Be a feminist - How to be Swedish

Not all people in the world look or behave the same. Some are small, some are tall. Some like to eat meat, some want to be vegan.

In Sweden – as in most other countries – people are divided into two main groups: female and male. Or rather women and men. This distinction is called “sexes”. To find out which “sex” or, say, gender you are, simply cross your legs tightly while sitting. If it hurts, you’re probably a woman wearing the wrong underwear.

Genders in Sweden

Most Swedes have at least one of those aforementioned genders.

Gender equality in Sweden

How it (may have) developed

For many years, humans with the female gender have been discussing whether they should have more rights, like being able to vote, get higher wages, or have their husbands take as much care for the babies as themselves. Those heated discussions among women, while preparing food for the family at the stove, were widely spread back then. Consequently, women promoted an uproar – until the husbands came back from war.

Book about Sweden - How to be Swedish

In Sweden, men didn’t have to go to war for the past 200 years. This made it much easier for Swedish women to convince their men about the benefits of a gender equal society

Now, Sweden finally reached (almost) total gender equality amongst the genders. At least in comparison to other countries.


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Gender equality discussion

Nowadays, nearly everyone in Sweden agrees that women and men should have the same rights. You find an ongoing discussion about heavy gender inequalities in wages and the way how many (often quoted) old men still treat women without respect.

This has to come to an end. Says the “feminist” political party, fi Feministiska initiativ, by Gudrun Schyman. Which got 3,12% of all Swedish voters’ support in the election for the parliament in 2014.

Stop being a macho or “not-modern”

Are you a man and used to make jokes about women’s parking skills and sense of direction. If you are in Sweden you better stop it. Or at least wait until the next Thailand trip with your football mates.

Are you a mother and “only” taking care of your children although you’ve already taken all your “mammaledighet”, parental leave, you better come up with a good explainations why YOU and not your husband is dedicated to a full time motherly/fatherly support of your children, next time you talk to the other instagramming Swedish mothers sitting next to you on the playground bench.


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  1. This is a myth because what foreign countries outside sweden get their picture of Sweden mainly from media and radical feminists are very effectively occypying stategic media positions.In reality most swedish women are not feminists it´s just that they can´t get there voice heard.For example if you look at The swedish radio and Swedish television almost all newsprograms have a feministic agenda simply because lots of feministic woman work both in leading positions as well as reporters.And this goes for all of the mediasector in sweden.How is this possible to achieve? Simply by using the demand that 50% of all jobs should go to women and then when this is achieved and women are at charge simply put more and more women
    at different positions and then after a while thera are almost total domination of women.This has been achieved in the goverment and municipal parts of the swedish society where women dominate at top-positions and have almost 95% of lowerleveljobs.Also in the cultural sectors that reciece goverment or municipal fonding women gets over 60% .Specially in fields dominated by men in order to dominate the traditionally “menfields”.This has ment that women directors get over 60% of the total fundings even though they are only 20% of the total amount of filmmakers creating a extremely favourable climate for women.And the list of such politic action can be found in almost the whole society creating a very strange climate for men that feel not wanted.BUT-almost no men complain becase they are so polite and also not heard in the media.But it is not a fair climate when women are so favourized.Who will know what will happen?


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