Annual leave days and parental leave in Sweden

Annual Leave Days in Sweden – 5 Weeks of Vacation

If you consider working in Sweden, you might be surprised about how many annual leave days Swedes have. Vacation/holidays when you work in Sweden 25 days off According to law you have yearly (at least) 25 … Read more

Be safety-conscious - How to be Swedish

Be safety-conscious – How to be Swedish

Good news for you if you also prefer things to be safe. Sweden really is the right place for you. Swedish safety-thinking can be found in many places. As in Swedish products. For example, have a … Read more

Appreciate flat hierarchies in Sweden - How to be Swedish s

Appreciate flat hierarchies – How to be Swedish

“Hello Marie!” “Hi, Peter! How are you doing today?” “I’m good, thanks? How was your weekend, Marie?” What you’ve just read could have been a daily conversation between two Swedish friends or colleagues. But not … Read more