Annual Leave Days in Sweden – 5 Weeks of Vacation

Annual leave days and parental leave in Sweden
Annual leave days and parental leave in Sweden – (Photo credit: Anna Walström/

If you consider working in Sweden, you might be surprised about how many annual leave days Swedes have.

Vacation/holidays when you work in Sweden

25 days off

According to law you have yearly (at least) 25 days of holidays at your disposal. Most of which you will probably take during the months of July.
More about 25 days off from work, here (in Swedish)

480 days of paternity leave

You’re entitled to 480 days of paternity leave. 90 of those days are reserved for the dad. Around 25% of the paternity leave is taken by fathers.

Expect the company to pay for trips to kick-off events and trade shows, where your Swedish colleagues are likely to indulge in ample eating and drinking. The bonding process may be taken too seriously and taken as far as to the hotel bed.

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