What Swedes Think About Themselves – Swedish Self-Image

Swedish slef-image: How Swedes see themselves
How Swedes see themselves (Swedish self-image)

When you think about the Swedes, certain images or associations about their personal traits might pop up in your head. Maybe it’s a blond, tall person calmly driving a Volvo in the garage of their red-and-white cottage house. Maybe you associate traits like being silent, drawn-back or even unsocial?

Swedish self-perception

If you ask a Swede about their image of common Swedish traits or characters, what you get as an answer might not be much different than your vision about it.

What Swedes think about themselves – positive and negative traits

Positive traits, according to Swedes

  • having a good general education
  • well organised
  • reliable
  • rational
  • efficient
  • honest
  • compromise oriented
  • punctual
  • silent
  • moderate/gentle

Swedes claim: “They don’t like to show off.”

Many Swedes describe themselves as snäll, friendly. This trait may be misinterpreted as falsehood.

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Negative traits of Swedes, according to Swedes

  • lack of sociability
  • shyness
  • complacency/
  • stiffness
  • jealousy
  • fear of making a fool of oneself

One thing almost every Swede says, when I ask them what how they see themselves: “We are probably a bit boring.

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I believe they are just very humble and piece-loving.

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2 thoughts on “What Swedes Think About Themselves – Swedish Self-Image”

  1. Swedes are educated and helpful people according to me. If you know them more they are lovely, great people. I am writing from my perspective and experience for more than a year in this country.

    Älskar mina svenska vänner

  2. I love your website! My husband and I are coming to Sweden (and several other countries) this summer – I am writing myself a note to comment when we return as I have never been to Sweden or anywhere in Scandanavia before, though both of us have Norwegian grandparents. See you in August! — Laurel G in Portland, Oregon USA


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