(Weird) Swedish Easter Traditions – Easter Bunny in Sweden?

Swedish Easter Traditions
Swedish Easter traditions – (photo credit: Lena Granefelt/imagebank.sweden.se)

Celebrate Easter in Sweden

Easter in Swedish: påsk


Swedes celebrate easter in March/April.

Easter surprise

When you open your house door and you find Swedish kids standing on your door mat, dressed like witches, don’t feel confused it’s already Halloween. No, it’s påsk, easter in Sweden. Those little witches are also for candy hunt though. So be prepared to have some charges of candy in stock to preserve your home from witchcraft.

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Easter decoration

Also, you won’t miss is it’s going to be påsk soon since all shop windows and public flower boxes are decorated with branches full of feather in flashy neon colors – as bright as sweat pants back in the 90’s.

Food and drinks

Swedes drink a soda called påskmust, which is basically the same as julmust (Christmas must), but with a different, more yellow, bottle design.

Don’t be surprised if a Swede gives you a huge egg made of card board. It’s not meant to use as decoration (thank God, since its design is usually a little tacky), but you can open it and – surprise – you’ll find it filled with a blend of delicious Swedish godis (candy).

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Have you experienced a typical Swedish easter celebration? What did you like about it, and what did you find strange? Share your story or comment below!

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