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Due to the forces of nature, darkness and cold, Swedes spend a substantial time of the year indoors sitting on minimalistic wooden chairs. While doing that, some Swedes think about how they can make the world a better place. A couple of times this procedure has led to rather extraordinary innovations that took over the whole wide world.

Swedish innovations you have to know

Here is a list of innovations you have or haven’t heard about before. However, it’s good advice to learn them by heart so you can impress your Swedish friends next time you talk about your favorite topics, like ball gearing or milk cartons:

Innovations and their innovators from Sweden

  • Dynamite – Alfred Nobel
  • Boat propeller – Jonas Wenström
  • Refrigerator – Carl Munter and Baltazar von Platen

Swedes also invented the zip-fastener to accelerate the process of getting each other out of their clothes

  • Zip fastener – Gideon Sundbäck
  • Anders Celsius – a scale for measuring temperaturewhere water froze at 100 and boiled at 1 which was then turned around
  • Ball bearing – Sven Wingquist
  • Milk carton – Ruben Rausing

Further innovations, or rather popular products from Sweden

  • Unassembled furniture in a flat pack – some guy at IKEA
  • Skype – Niklas Zennström (and Janus Friis, from Denmark)
  • Spotify – Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon

Made in Sweden

Some products and even people that are “Made in Sweden” are internationally popular. As a new-Swede, you shall pay attention and credit to their success. Whenever you watch TV or a Hollywood movie, it is your task to first spot and then comment on the appearance of any Saab or Skarsgård.

That said, also consider “Mamma Mia” as one of the milestones of Swedish influence on Hollywood’s movies and Broadway musical history.

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So, dear new-Swede, be proud of typical Swedish inventions! And don’t forget to mention that certain innovations are from Sweden whenever a related topic comes up in conversations with foreigners.

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