Taxation in Sweden: Are Swedish Taxes Really that High?

Taxes in Sweden
Taxes in Sweden, really that high? – (Photo credit: Ulf Lundin/

“Swedes love to pay tax”

Of course Swedes don’t love to give away money, nevertheless they can appear a bit greedy when it comes to food and alcohol invitations. But then, food and alcohol is expensive in Sweden. So don’t expect to be invited for a restaurant visit or a cocktail by your Swedish friends too often. (Unless you have invited them first.)

Tax on alcohol

Alcohol is expensive because the state wants to have a big lump of the 25 Euros you pay for a bottle of Absolut Vodka. About 60% go to the state.

Swedish income tax

If you are among the lucky or hardworking ones with a high income above 5.000 Euros per month, you can expect to pay over 50% to the state. Which is good because the Swedish state cannot finance its expenses or base their income on the alcohol consumption of its population only.

Benefits of high tax in Sweden

In Sweden most things are finance by folkhemmet, “peoples’ home”, which you normally pay privately in your old country. Like for example healthcare or education.

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So, enjoy the benefits of the “folkhemmet” and enjoy financing it by paying a lot of tax. With a smile on your face.

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