Swedish citizenship advantages

Top 5 Benefits of Swedish Citizenship – Advantages of Having a Swedish Passport

Disclaimer: The following benefits of having a Swedish passport are not really true. The purpose is entertainment and not factual accuracy. Swedish citizenship You have heard about how beautiful Sweden is? Maybe you even travelled to … Read more

Swedish citizenship passport

Sweden: Citizenship Requirements – How to Become a Swedish Citizen – (Not That Serious)

Disclaimer: For serious information about how to apply for Swedish citizenship, go to migrationsverket. The purpose of this site, you’re reading right now, is entertainment, not accuracy. Just so you can’t say I didn’t tell you … Read more

Moose in Sweden

Moose Shot on His Way to the Gothenburg Book Fair

A police man stopped me and other pedestrians on the way from the parking lots to the Gothenburg book fair. “Stop! You can’t pass here. There is a moose”, the friendly police man said. A … Read more

National Day of Sweden Celebrations - King of Sweden in Växjö

National Day of Sweden: June 6th – Why & How Swedes Celebrate Their National Day

Celebrations of the Swedish national day become more and more popular. Nowadays, about every third Swedes celebrates their nation. Originally the June 6th was called the “Swedish flag day”, svenska flaggens dag. First in 1983 it … Read more

Matthias Kamann SMP Smalandsposten article 170515 How to be Swedish

Swedish Newspaper Smålandsposten Publishes Article About My New Book “How to be Swedish”

On Monday the 15th of May 2017, Smålandsposten published an interview article about me and my book “How to be Swedish”. Link to article on SMP.se: http://www.smp.se/kultur-o-noje/skrev-bok-om-att-vara-svensk/ About a week before, I went into Smålandspostens office … Read more

How to be Swedish - by Matthias Kamann

“How to be Swedish” – Book Release

Finally, after several years of collecting information – from other Sweden-books and websites – and conducting many, many interviews with Swedes as well as non-Swedes about their “Swedish experiences”, my new (well, it’s my first) book … Read more

Swedish cinnamon buns recipe for kanelbullar

Original Swedish Cinnamon Buns Recipe – How to Make “Kanelbullar”

When you have a coffee break in Sweden, during work or leisure time, chances are high your Swedish colleague or friend will eat a kanelbulle, cinnamon bun. Also known as cinnamon roll or cinnamon snail. You … Read more

Differneces Germany Sweden

Top 10 Differences Between Germans & Swedes

This post is written by a German who also happens to be Swedish. Are there actually any differences between Swedes and Germans? Yes! But aren’t these nations at least culturally very similar? No! Well, except, both consume lots of … Read more

How to describe Sweden with a few words only?

I tried to describe Sweden with a few words. And this is what I came up with.   And for those who live in Gothenburg or Malmö feeling underrepresented in the description above, here is another … Read more

Typically Swedish page 4

Typically Swedish #76-100, Page 4/4

What is typically Swedish? Page 4 of 4 Here back to… Page 1, #1-25 Page 2, #26-50 Page 3, #51-75   76. During the Christmas holiday season, you use to drink Glögg, to which you … Read more